Ayesha Perween
Computer Science
01 May 2019

Final Year Project Ideas on Online Subjective Answer Evaluation

i need some idea related online subjective answer evaluation

Priyanka Nikam
Computer Science
22 Apr 2019

How to get perfect in aptitude for cdac exam ?

Only one month is left for cdac exam

Martin Joseph
20 Mar 2019

I got 60.77 marks in gate 2019 mechanical (general category).score 637 rank 4610. can I get into top NITs?

I got 60.77 marks in gate 2019 mechanical (general category).score 637 rank 4610. can I get into top NITs?

Explain linking loaders in system programming?

By a suitable example .... examination point of view...

Kuljeet Shan
Computer Science
10 Mar 2019

Let s and t be two vertices in a undirected graph G=(V,E) having distinct positive edge weights.

Let s and t be two vertices in a undirected graph G=(V,E) having distinct positive edge weights. Let [X,Y] be a partition of...

Anjali Kadam
07 Mar 2019

where can i get sound files of jlpt papers?

where can i get the sound file for chokai practice of questions in the Old question papers which i downloaded from here

I am studying B.tech final year in the stream of ece i don't no about cdac can you give suggestion how to join

I want some suggestions about this cdac .i am interested in signal processing , signald and systems like that subjects .How can i enter into cdac

Parth Bhardwaj
Computer Science
05 Mar 2019

How can I manage my cse btech course as well as preparations for MBA ?

I'm currently a btech 1st yr student and wish to explore management as well as programming areas.....how do I manage myself to extract out the best possible methods to gain edge...

Saksham Sharma
26 Feb 2019

What is type of section B in CDAC entrance exam if i don't know about programing?

if I apply embedded design what is the processe of section B. if i dont,t know about java and os  in section b in cdac

Karan Gupta
Information Technology
22 Feb 2019

Facing problems in solving RC section

Right now I'm in 6th semester pursuing my B.Tech from MAIT and also preparing for Cat 2k19. I'm facing problems in my RC section. I'm not able to decide the correct option. Can...

Mayur Gohel
22 Feb 2019

How can I crack GATE exam without joining any classes ?

I am in 6th sem of mechanical engineering.i want to clear GATE exam without joining any classis.so give me suggestions for how I need to start preparation for GATE.

Shaloni Singhal
Computer Science
19 Feb 2019

JEE Main April Admit Card 2019 Download

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will release JEE Main 2019 Admit Card for April session on March 18, 2019. There are two ways to download the document viz. Ap...

Mahalakshmi D
Computer Science
17 Feb 2019

How to do mini project on computer graphics

I'm a third year computer science student.I want do mini project on computer graphics in openGL.I don't have any idea. What to do.

Pavithra Susi
Information Technology
13 Feb 2019

Eligibility for government exam like TET TRB and CTET?

I have completed my btech in information technology and completed my b.ed also can I able to write trb, tet and CTET exam plz reply me

Chaudhary Talha Umer
Computer Science
19 Jan 2019

Cloud computing as a final year project and how can I work on it?

Hey every one I am Talha , and i'm in finale year i need a help in cloud computing , i want to do finale year project in cloud computing if any one do work on cloud computing an...

Van Dores
Electronics and Telecommunication
12 Jan 2019

3 Bit Up / Down Counter if Input = 1

3 Bit Up / Down Counter if Input = 1 count up else count down.Use JK Flip-Flop.How can i construct JK FF by using logic gates (Inverter,AND,OR etc..)

What is the difference between girder and beam?Explain with an example?

Give me an answer related to bridges in detail so everyone can understand and make use of it

Tushar Yannawar
Electronics and Communication
08 Jan 2019

pg diploma in advance computing

i got cdac hyderabad for pg dac in first round of cdac my rank is 2140. In my option list i given preferences like 1.sunbeam pune2.IACSD akurdi3.sunbeam kar...

shubham shinde
Computer Science
08 Jan 2019

Am I able to get institute for this rank?

I have got rank around 5k and 1st round is already completed and I didn't get any institute. my preference was like this:-Act:-sunbeam:-vita:-akurdi

Nikita Desale
Computer Science
31 Dec 2018

Want to know the topics for my mini project in operating system subject.

I am a second year Computer Science student. I wanna do a mini-project in Operating systems in C. I dont have any idea of what to do.Please explain me wh...

akanksha singh
Computer Science
29 Dec 2018

How to download the JEE Main Admit Card?

As we know JEE Main 2019 Admit Card has been released on 17 December 2018. But I do not know the process of downloading? 

Electronics and Communication
28 Dec 2018

Is Hyderabad CDAC Center best for DESD??

My CCAT A+B+C is 73..... A+B is 199..I want to join in ACTS Hyderabad..Please guide me...

Computer Science
28 Dec 2018

In which center I will get admission on my rank 3219 in cdac cat exam?

Sir I got 3219 rank in (A+B)and A=2499 .With this rank which centers is suitable for PGDAC course and which centers i will choose in first list?My preference is CDAC kharghar,VI...

Computer Science
28 Dec 2018

In which center I will get admission o my cat rank 3219 in cdac cat exam?

Sir i got 3219 rank in cdac cat exam .which centers i would have to choose for above rank for PGDAC pune or mumbai. Or  i get ecity bangluru?

Dipa Bhor
Electronics and Communication
28 Dec 2018

Got A+B 1783 rank in CDAC -Cat..what should be preference list to get best DAC center according to teaching and placement??

I am from E&Tc background passout year 2015..I am appearing for CDAC 2019..also got 1783 rank in CAT..what should be preference list from combined area Mumbai and pune for DAC c...

Knowledge Kingdom
Computer Science
27 Dec 2018

i have got 2099 rank in category A which cdac centre should i get

i have got 2099 rank in category A which cdac centre should i get

Aditi Remje
Computer Science
27 Dec 2018

I have got 3356 in section A+B which university can I get for PG-DBDA in Mumbai or Pune?

Except for Karad sunbeam other than that I just need good placement through which I can get my career started.

Nilima Wakhare
Computer Science
20 Dec 2018

How many marks are required for rank between 1-300 in CDAC Exam?

how many marks are required in ccat for rank between 1-300…?

Ankita Katdare
Computer Science
18 Dec 2018

How many triangles are there in this image? - Internet's puzzles

The Internet is full of puzzles and here is one. Can you count how many triangles are there in this image?Fastest to count with explanation is the winner. 

14 Dec 2018

Wireless antistatic wristbands

Naturally, the antistatic wristbands we know are all scams but can we really build such a device? So, from what i know, both batteries and electrostatically charged objects are...

SuM s
Branch Unspecified
12 Dec 2018

Why there is not a single cgpa to percentage conversion rule in india?

Why cgpa to percentage varry from. University to university.??...why some university deduct 0.75, some deduct 0.5, some multiple of 9.5, ??which is mostly affect to apply govern...

Help about finding PEAK HOUR Factor

A highway section has been observed to be highly congested during peak hours. Being a 'traffic Engineer, you need to analyse the existing characteristics of traffic stream.. Tra...

16 Dec 2018

Want to Jump Start Code Development to Minimize Defects?

Design News says: Embedded software engineers on average spend 40% of their time removing bugs from their software. This amounts to nearly 5 months each year performing failure...

Which branch will be better for female for M.Tech?

I have completed my graduation in civil engineering and preparing for GATE. I want to know which branch is better for mtech as a woman

Radhika Deshpande
Computer Science
30 Nov 2018

NEET Is Open To Students With Age 25+. Last Date To Apply Is Extended By Week- SC.

Students aspriring MBBS but are older than 25 can now apply for entrance exam - NEET(National Eligibility -cum -Entrance Test) as supreme court now had notified the upper age li...

Soumyadeep De
Computer Science
26 Nov 2018

Project Topics related to ethical hacking

Hello, I'm a final year student and I want to submit my project on ethical hacking, as I'm new to this fields I  don't have any ideas. Can you guys help me by providing a projec...

SimplY Shubh
Computer Science
21 Nov 2018

Some format guide or key points for my Project report submission (Industrial training Practical)

I m currently in final year of my Diploma (CSE) and later this week we have our industrial training Practical exam were we have to submit our training letter and its project rep...

15 Nov 2018

Need Design Inspiration for a University Project? TI can help.

Texas Instruments have a slew of activities to help with University Projects:

Abhishek Pramod
Electronics and Communication
20 Nov 2018

Which semester in ECE is toughest and why?

I'm in my 3rd sem. And it's nothing like the first year. Feel like giving up already lol

goutham orton
Computer Science
31 Oct 2018

which one is better either GRE or IELTS ?

i have some knowledge on these exams but i didnt know exact information so please clarify thease things,thank u.

komal ghadge
Computer Science
30 Oct 2018

How to prepared the CDAC and get good rank in exam...

Plz anyone tell me how i can prepared for cdac and which topics are more important in apptitute ,english ,and reasoning....

Islam Yaser
24 Oct 2018

i am doing a login and registration system in C i want to make the login function to check if the username and password is exist in file or no can you help

simple problem , is how to make the login the login function to check if the username and password are exist after the registration 

Aditya Patel
Computer Science
21 Oct 2018

Electronic toll Collection using SMARTKEY/SMARTag

The SMARTag aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads by cashless tolling. This system will automate the process of toll fee collection. The developed android application helps...

Onkar Yadav
24 Oct 2018

Tips for Mechanical Engineer Appearing for CDAC C-CAT

C cat examination for mechanical engineersI am a mechanical engineer thinking if having a carrer in computer? 

Vandana Khatri
Computer Science
10 Oct 2018

Difference between transistor and power transistor?

Chapter power convertor Basic electrical engineering 1st year

Prateek Verma
Electronics and Communication
09 Oct 2018

How to acquire aptitude and programming skills?

I'm pursuing engineering in Electronics and Communication and currently in final year. I've some back papers to deal with. How can I manage papers, programming and aptitude.? Wh...

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