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Fast nearest neighbor search with keywords

My project name is fast nearest neighbor search with keywordsWhat questions can be arise during viva

how can we prepare cdac examination of section B?

study matreial for cadc exam of section B data commuinication and networking

Should the government bring down IIT-JEE Advanced difficulty level?

It looks like the new proposal from the Government is to bring down the difficultly level of IIT-JEE Advance. The proposal has been made to address the issue of lots of seats go...


Can anybody provide me the numerical problems and rreelevant solutions on Fluid Mechanics?

(Awaiting replies)

Can someone provide provide CDAC CCAT papers with solution?

I want C-DAC CCAT papers for preparing for the exam ,please send me the papers with solution.

How to score good marks in GATE?

What are various tips, tricks and techniques to score good marks in GATE?

(Awaiting replies)

what is the way in GATE for go to industrial design

hello@crazy i completed my graduation in mechanical...i would like to attend GATE 2019 taking up classes from next month...after that i would like to do my post gr...

gre question papers with solutions anyone?

I would be much thankful for the same,guys,thank you so much.

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