Why do Indian Consumers Opt for CoD (Cash on Delivery)?

Ever since we listed CrazyEngineers T-Shirts on Amazon Prime [ Link: https://amzn.to/2Gtdx0F ] ,...

Swiggy Stores Vs. Dunzo Vs. Big Basket - The Game is On!

Swiggy Stores has been announced and the food delivery game's just got more interesting. Swiggy said that their delivery boys will now deliver not only food from restaurants, bu...

Requirements for a civil engineer as business startup

Hi, I am M. Tech in Civil engineering having 10 years of work experience in civil engineering now want to start my own business -as design engineer ,consultant or contractor ..s...

What is the Target Audience for MEP Services in USA

Hi,We are expanding our Services in the MEP field in USA and need any help and experience in this regard, firstly to clearly know the target audience for this kind of Serv...

New e Commerce Policy in India - Will Amazon and Flipkart Survive?

The new e Commerce Policy has been enforced in India on February 1, 2019. As expected, the big boys of the e-commerce have been seriously affected and now we've the news that Wa...

Will you fill out our survey about robotics?

Hi,We are a group of students from KTH and LiTH in Sweden researching the current needs and uses of robots on different markets. Technology today is very extensive, but t...

Model predictive control of electrical drives.

I am currently working on model predictive torque control of electrical drives. I want to know its practical applications so that I can use it to start a business.

new startup with some best ideas

i am self interpreter. actually i have just started up an engineering work shop in gujarat. its SWASTIK ENGINEERING -PALASANA. THERE IS TOO MANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND Problems i hav...

viks g

What is your review of Online MBA Mock Interviews conducted by PInterview.in website?

hi peeps i just heard about pinterview.in , which is a site for online interview preparation for MBA Admissionsdoes anyone know about this?.i have just...

Ideas about spontaneous management games and also business related games

Games for management event like some spontaneous games and competitions like Business plan,mad adds,etc

Want ten lakhs to develop prototype? Apply here.

Nidhi Prayas is a programme rolled out by the TIMED centre of the Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology, Trivandrum to encourage startups to develop p...

Which mechanical related business can I start?

Actually most of the people says that those business can you start depending on your interest, means your interest is important factor. But I confuse all of them. Then plz tell...

Business Ideas for Electrical Engineers

I'm confusing, which is the best & small scale industry

Why competitive exams in India is very tough

Competitive exams in India are held by the government which is helped by any student get a good score in Exam. which make every student strong in mentally. Using abacus tricks m...

Start a Electrical retailer shop

I am thinking about to start a Electrical retailer shop. So please give me guidance for that regarding good or bad start a retailer shop and which type of things consider before...

Engineering Tech StartUp looking for engineers to join as early adopters.

Thought this may interest my fellow engineers. It looks like they're offering various incentives to engineers who get involved early. The website is : www.enginhere.co.uk

Will Reliance Jio increase their prices?

Reliance Jio is currently at 21% market share in Indian markets and the experts are predicting that it will capture 30% market share by end of 2019. If Jio does that - they'll i...

Girijya Waldode
Computer Science

Project related to agriculture

I just want technology or project ideas which will I can develop in irrigation land.

Help with Design of new product

I am looking for a product which is small enough to be carried on an individual which will transmit altitude from an individual flying in the air to a person on ground, real tim...

Mechanical maintenance service

I am mechanical engineer from Nagpur Maharashtra. I want to start the maintenance service in power plant steel plant and in industries.so how should I start from.which factors s...

Have you heard of the G O I initiative AGNIi to bring R&D results to the market?

The Prime Ministers’ Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) in its first meeting recently in New Delhi set some clear objectives and directions for a num...

Santhosh M
Branch Unspecified

What are some startup ideas for a civil engineer in a town area?

By utilising the market, available resources, creating employment to few youth

aditi kalra

I Want to develop a fantasy cricket app. can any one suggest me what kind of features are necessary for it.

i just want to know which is the best time to launch this app, what are the must have features  include in it, what is the cost to develop this app.

Saroj Nepal
Information Technology

What are the factors that determine the progress of any company?

Please, list out some important point that helps to grow the company along.

Saroj Nepal
Information Technology

What are the factors that should be kept under care for expanding IT Services?

Every IT companies provide some services as per their skill employee so what are the main factors that every employer should take care before expanding its services...

Divya Kandukuri
Computer Science

Which is the best and most affordable hosting site for a website?

Hey. I want to take my website online. I bought a domain from godaddy. I am looking for hosting site. i am confused when i look for the answers in google.My friend sugges...

Akshay Parab
Electronics and Communication

Startup or Business Ideas for Electronics Engineering Graduates

If anyone have startup ideas in EXTC field. Jobs related to extc Graduates are decreasing day by day.I want to do something new apart  from doing jobs. 

Prerana basapally
Computer Science

IoT business ideas with low investment, suggestions?

As now market is fully automated(iot),I want to be a part of that automation,,with strong profits and develop my own company with it. But before I would like to trai...

Divya Kandukuri
Computer Science

How to gather a team for a startup?

I am going to set up a startup with my friends. I need web designers who can help me. I'm a B.Tech student, I cannot pay. Is there a solution to this?Thank you in advance...

What are the Latest modification in chemical engineering and seminar topics on same?

I want to keep my self updated with the ongoing modification and new innovation in the field of Chemical engineering to enhance my knowledge and for better opportunities in futu...

Is there a good chance to do well as a Mechanical Design Consultant?

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer with 15+ years in Design-EOT cranes, Material handling systems, Automation systems, Fabrication as well.Presently I am 39 years.Afte...

WhatsApp Business API Pricing Plans - Where to find information?

WhatsApp has opened up their business API and is now accepting application. Some of the people on social media are talking about their pricing plans. From what I've learned so f...

rai aman

Can I sell my shop's cloth online by my app, will it be worth it?

i have shop of cloth,i want to sell my product online by making my own app, which provide all variety which my shop customer order it and product is delivered to him, like...

rai aman

Can we clean our rivers in cheaper way?

as by 2030 india's water demand is twice than india's water supply, to manage this we can make our river,lakes and ground water as extended water supplier because our river wate...

rai aman

Can we make anything that absorb heat from our concrete roof and room?

Due to which people who can't afford AC and cooler can make their life better and environment clean

Have you heard of the Law of Start Up Physics?

Quote: “I started noticing patterns in startups — which I’ve validated with executives and VCs over the years — that how companies scale and break matches

What are the business areas in electrical field?

Hi everyone!I am an electrical engineer from India so just i want to know from all the electrical background persons that what can be the different areas for start my own...

How can a startup manage its product release cycles?

As a startup, we've limited human resources who must perform multiple operations. I wish to understand from fellow startup folks what are their hacks to manage product release c...

Jarvis OO7

Making a mehendi harvesting or cutting machine ?

Guys, my native is rajasthan and we have 20 acre of mehendi farm and cutting it is a labor intense job and cost lot of money due to which it is big headache so if some one...

If Microsoft Buys GitHub, will you continue to use it?

Microsoft is talking to GitHub board for possible acquisition. A lot of developers are already saying that they'll quit GitHub and move their repositories elsewhere if the deal...

Ankita Katdare
Computer Science

Starting a business in a big, metro city versus small town - Pros and Cons?

When you haven't yet started your own business, any kind of worry can bog you down. One such big question in the minds of to-be entrepreneurs is whether to start their startup/b...

Aacee Minerals
Branch Unspecified

What is the best way to reduce the imports of valuable gold..as India already holds over 24ooo mtons.

Any one interested in investing in a startup having the solution to this problem? get in touch ..it is multi billion opportunity!!!  

Need a translation company to translate from English to Chinese

I need a translation company from English to Chinese to deploy a project. pls recomend to me one

Don’t Underestimate the Business Side of Your Start-Up

Building a successful product company requires more than just great engineering, experts will say at the upcoming

Amol Agarwal
Electronics and Communication

Start-Up Plans To Set Up Luxury Hotel In Space By 2022, Reservations Now Open

If you have ever wanted to experience what it feels like in zero gravity, there is some good news for you, provided you have a few million dollars set aside as travel budget. A Hou...

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