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Have you heard of the Law of Start Up Physics?

Quote: “I started noticing patterns in startups — which I’ve validated with executives and VCs over the years — that how companies scale and break matches

What are the business areas in electrical field?

Hi everyone!I am an electrical engineer from India so just i want to know from all the electrical background persons that what can be the different areas for start my own...

How can a startup manage its product release cycles?

As a startup, we've limited human resources who must perform multiple operations. I wish to understand from fellow startup folks what are their hacks to manage product release c...

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Making a mehendi harvesting or cutting machine ?

Guys, my native is rajasthan and we have 20 acre of mehendi farm and cutting it is a labor intense job and cost lot of money due to which it is big headache so if some one...

If Microsoft Buys GitHub, will you continue to use it?

Microsoft is talking to GitHub board for possible acquisition. A lot of developers are already saying that they'll quit GitHub and move their repositories elsewhere if the deal...

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Starting a business in a big, metro city versus small town - Pros and Cons?

When you haven't yet started your own business, any kind of worry can bog you down. One such big question in the minds of to-be entrepreneurs is whether to start their startup/b...

What is the best way to reduce the imports of valuable India already holds over 24ooo mtons.

Any one interested in investing in a startup having the solution to this problem? get in touch is multi billion opportunity!!!  

Need a translation company to translate from English to Chinese

I need a translation company from English to Chinese to deploy a project. pls recomend to me one

Don’t Underestimate the Business Side of Your Start-Up

Building a successful product company requires more than just great engineering, experts will say at the upcoming

Start-Up Plans To Set Up Luxury Hotel In Space By 2022, Reservations Now Open

If you have ever wanted to experience what it feels like in zero gravity, there is some good news for you, provided you have a few million dollars set aside as travel budget. A Hou...

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5 Lessons Startups Can Learn from Big Companies

Quote: The common perception is that youth and enthusiasm are the two essentials required to start up a company. While startups by millennials are widely known, there are al...

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SBI credit card with Paypal

Has anyone tried to pay overseas via PayPal with SBI credit card? If yes, please tell me which card is to be used for this purpose.

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WhatsApp Payments To Be Available For All Users By April 2018: Sources

WhatsApp, India's most loved and most downloaded messaging app with more than 20 crore users, has integrated UPI based payments service into the app for simplifying digital pa...

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WhatsApp Vs. Paytm - Which payment service will you use?

Now that WhatsApp has officially entered the Indian payments market, I thought of knowing what our fellow CEans think about it. Do you think WhatsApp has an edge over PayTM and oth...

Business Networking and Coworking spaces

I feel that networking is the most crucial step in building your business. I am always looking for ways to expand my network. Lets dwell deep and find effective ways to extend the...

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CEan seabiscuit doing a ‘cover’up job on Forbes

CEan Anand Madanagopalan on the cover page story on Forbes India:

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