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maximasatya • Aug 14, 2007

chak de indiya..celebrating womenhood

CHAK DE INDIA....celebrating womanhood

No!!! shahrukh khan is not going to get a filmfare award for the movie...nor am i expecting a national award for him...even an oscar would only belittle the effort...for i didn't see shahrukh at all in the was kabir khan
all the it the tainted hockey player who loses to pakistan or as he says proudly...He is the coach of the Indian Womens hockey team.I had gone to the movie theatre with a lot of hope...sad to say...not all were was not a movie at was a hockey series being played mewhere...getting telecasted on the large screen...and the person sitting in the theatre...the fortunate one's to see that!!!

Whistling,shouting,screaming,making every bit of noise to make the life of others' hell is what i do usually in the theatre.....and this might be a reason..i never enjoy watching it in a multiplex...i had started on the same lines at gaiety in bandra...only to be calmed and charmed by the nationalistic fervor...the struggle and the hardships..and the plight of the sporstman in the country.The film goes on the dramatic lines...a disgruntled team is united and is shown the a lost man...the team itself starting badly...and winning on expected lines...reaching the finals...and waering the crown over a penalty shoot...a last ball six one would say!!! But the story before that is something...which needs to be told...

The film has got its defining moments...the opening scene...when india lose to pakistan..and kabir is coined..a traitor...his exile away from home...the eyes which always see hockey...the ovation girls team get from their male counterparts...7-0 drubbing from the hands of australia...only to rekindle the fire within...and a mission to win the to man marking..and its answer in super play of Bindiya...the last run of chautala after passing the ball to preeti sabarwal...knowing fully that it's her moment of glory..the girls camaraderie is there to see...

There have not been many moments when u feel like an indian watching a movie...a bhuvan hittin a six of the last ball to win it from the East India Company...or a hritik watching closely a pakistani bunker remarks...only then he then he felt like an Indian...but for was the final scoreline which epitomised the real indianness...India 5 Australia 4...The film goes on and inspires to perform and perish for the country...the agony after winning a silver medal...and one line which says it all..."Ghis ghis ke silver medal ko gold me badalne ki koshish kar raha"...

The film is not only about some of the most beautiful girls who played with it the damsel called preeti from punjab..or alya bose from kolkata..the beautiful gul ikbal...the innocence of the north east..
or the anonymity of the jharkhand..the arrogance of the senior players..or the pinch of the was celebrating woman hood....for the various girls i would have kissed in my entire life..or would have thrown a lustful eyes on several other girls...somwehere it brought something to my notice...that girls are not mere *** objects...and could do all those which men dream of to do.

The film is essentially based on hockey...and somewhere i can feel more number of people turning to hockey after watching this one...and even as India piling up a huge 664 against england ...i could see the same place of the hockey in the indian circuit as it used to be. Come out girls and show the world...these are the good times..and its your moment of glory...India doesnt celebrate womanhood too often....

chak de india...indian hockey is there to stay...
hussainv1 • Aug 14, 2007
ya the movie was good and i really liked it 😀

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