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Can you answer this quick engineering survey please?

Question asked by Rainer Djohan in #Coffee Room on Mar 3, 2020
Rainer Djohan
Rainer Djohan · Mar 3, 2020

Hello engineers!

I'm an undergrad pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech. I'm currently taking an research writing class and I need some data for my research, so if you can answer this quick 9 question survey, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Survey Questions

Btw if you have any tips or words of wisdom for an aspiring engineer, feel free to leave it down below. 

Thank you all so much!

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Kavya Burramolla
Kavya Burramolla · Mar 3, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Hi Rainer Djohan, I've gone through the questions in the Survey. Can you please let us know more in detail what exactly is the survey for? Can you be little elaborative what does Research writing class mean so that we can answer better.

Rainer Djohan
Rainer Djohan · Mar 4, 2020

Hello, sorry for the late response. My research writing class is basically teaching me how to write a proper research proposal, how to conduct primary research, how to stay as objective as possible when conducting research, etc. Thus, the professor is having me conduct a little bit of primary research for my research question, which is what are the effect of knowing another language for engineers in the workforce? Thank you for answering my survey! 

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