Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed
18 Oct 2018

Can any one tell what course i can take after my B.E(EEE)?

I m in my final semester of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.I would like to take a course on Vlsi in vector institute but most of them r suggesting to takeup embedded systems they are quoting that job oppurtunity s less for vlsi.can anyone help me?I have same level of knowledge(very less) in both the field.pls tell me if u were my case what would u actually choose.

19 Oct 2018

The best you can do now is finding a professional in the area you're interested in and ask for mentorship. The mentor may ask you to do some work for free but this will going to extend your experience and portfolio, so use your opportunities. In my experiecne, I found a and did engineering for ther new office 50% free of charge with their current engineer

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