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Calculate System COP and Represent P-h Diagram

Question asked by Pilar Undiu in #Mechanical #ExamPrep on Dec 26, 2019
Pilar Undiu
Pilar Undiu · Dec 26, 2019
The cooling system in the following figure is another variation of the basic steam compression cooling system that attempts to reduce the compression work. In this system a heat exchanger (regenerator) is used to overheat the steam entering the compressor while the liquid exiting the condenser is subcooled. Consider this type of system where refrigerant 134a circulates as its refrigerant fluid. The evaporator outlet is at -10.1 ° C, and the condenser has a pressure of 800 kPa and its outlet is saturated liquid. Determine: a) the system COP when the heat exchanger gives a subcooling of minus 11.3 ° C to the inlet of the throttle valve. Assume a mass flow of 0.12 kg / s, that the refrigerant leaves the evaporator as saturated steam and that the compressor is isoentropic. b)Represent the P-h diagram


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