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Breech locks: Is there a specific pressure locking mechanism?

Question asked by Jo Justjo in #Mechanical #General Knowledge on Mar 27, 2021
Jo Justjo
Jo Justjo · Mar 27, 2021

In context of breech locks I'm exploring some non-mainstream ideas. So my thought was of a purely mechanical pressure sensing valve of sorts controlling locking/unlocking the bolt. But I struggle to find anything even remotely useful. So I'm asking if mechanical engineers here know of such mechanism or something similar.(Or can point me to flaws in my approach)

So 2 main parameters for this mechanism:

1. It unlocks only when pressure *drops* to a certain point (x psi). Until then remains closed/locked.

2. The input is a direct pressure of a solid brass/steel back of a round shell/casing. Not fluid or gas. Hence it doesn't vent/redirect anything but simply "waits" until the pressure drops.

It has to be a mechanical device though not electrical but even if you come up with any basic principle of a device it will do completely fine. Any ideas are worth listening to.

I googled hard different pressure valves, strain gauges etc. and couldn't find anything at least somewhat similar to what I need.

Posted in: #Mechanical #General Knowledge
Ramani Aswath
Ramani Aswath · Mar 28, 2021
Rank A1 - PRO

Solid surfaces do not exert pressure. You may have to use some sort of spring or other elastic member to exert a pressure. If it is a spring then it is a no-brainier to initiate an unlocking trigger mechanism. The entire system can be mechanical.

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