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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Dec 5, 2013

Bluetooth 4.1 Aims To Rule The Air; Betters Usability, Moves Closer Towards 'Internet Of Things'

With Bluetooth 4.0, the bonus feature was low energy consumption even as they continued being connected to supporting devices. With updated Bluetooth 4.1, the Bluetooth peripherals have been upped on their capabilities, letting them to link and create a network of their own thus developing an 'Internet of Things' (IoT). The update made shall lead to 'coexistence', where Bluetooth and LTE devices interact with each other when transmitting. Better connection ensures flexible reconnection intervals, and a tweak has also been made for enhanced data transfer.


A press release published by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the adoption of over-the-updates to the Bluetooth Core Specification. The update shall better consumer usability as it offers increased co-existence support for LTE and allows bulk data transfer (implying that information could be gathered from many sensors at a time in a single burst, leading to a more accurate interpretation of data). The developers shall be treated to innovation as this update lets devices support multiple roles simultaneously. That means, a single device shall act as both a Bluetooth Smart peripheral and a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub at the same time.

The market has been rapidly adopting Bluetooth Smart, and with the 4.1 update providing the additional IP connectivity, Bluetooth is all set to become an essential wireless link in the IoT. The update also lets Bluetooth Smart sensors to use IPv6, offering developers and OEMs the flexibility they require for constant connectivity and compatibility

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