durga ch
durga ch
05 Nov 2008

Barack Obama!!yes We Can!!!!

Barack Obama won!!!

and that too such a close win!!!

It is magnificient that just 50 years ago Blacks were brought to America for slavery, they were deprived of voting right ,black could not study in same schools

Already plunging economy, housing crisis ..really made people wanting a change
and his promises about wars in middle east countries like Afghanistan added more stimulus for people to give a thought to new change

time only can say what changes would be actually implemented, but as of now... Racism has ended!!! 😁
10 years ago
Racism has ended!!! 😁
Not yet. It will never.


Branch Unspecified
10 years ago
I agree too. In fact even Barack obama is not a complete black guy. His mother was a white American woman, although his father was from Kenya.

Durga, thanks for giving me a topic of debate.

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