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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 4, 2012

Avastar™ 88W8864 802.11ac "4x4" SoC Promises 1.3 Gbps Wireless

The world of wireless communications demands faster data transfer rates and the latest entry in the market to step up the game is Maxcell's Avastar™ 88W8864 802.11ac "4x4" SoC. It will permit the wireless gadgets to stream data at 1.3 Gbps using four antennas. The system incorporates 'beamforming' which is a new data transmission method with robust link and enhanced wireless network performance.


Expect HD streaming to get into mainstream as the 801.11ac standard gets adopted. It's almost 3x faster than currently popular 802.11n and also extents the wireless range to about 6 times. The technology also is going to be lighter on the power sources. Read more technical stuff on the source link.

Source: Marvell (PDF)

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