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andrec • Sep 2, 2009

Automated trigger release with timer, constructor/designer needed $£

I’m looking for some support to complete a private invention. I have attached the link with all the details. I have searched from some help locally (Switzerland) but didn’t find someone motivated. I concluded through plenty of discussions that a prototype can be made easily but I need someone who can create the unit, ready for mass production. To increase my chance I have permitted myself to post on 3 english speaking forums. I have a limited budget of a few thousand, so I cant afford a professional company. I’m strictly looking for a private person with the skills & motivation. Thanks.
Muffy • Sep 2, 2009
Em, what is it exactly that your trying to do? The document in your link doesn't make much sense, its too vague. Could you provide with more detail ,or at least make your intentions clear, so that we could help you out?
andrec • Sep 2, 2009
Yes. I am looking to find an engineer who can create a prototype of the described "gadget" ready for production.
The "gadget" is part of an invention.
1. Take a crossbow trigger and a alarm cock.
2. Place it in a box.
3. Assemble the two parts together in a way that when the alarm goes of the trigger is released.

The idea of taking existing components like crossbow trigger and alarm clock is just to not re-invent the wheel as those components fully qualify for what I need.
What I need is to attach a string to the "gadget". The string holds the mentioned weight. After a set time the string with the load must be released and fall to the floor.

Thats it. Thanks!
andrec • Sep 2, 2009
The gadget explained:
Nothing else then a hook who holds a hanging weight (lets say a heavy shopping bag). When the alarm clock rings, the hook releases the shopping bag so it falls to the floor. That's all.

The idea of using the two components "alarm clock" and "crossbow trigger" is just my idea as they do exactly what I'm looking for. It saves the time and efforts to re-invent the mechanical release system from scratch.

So now I am searching for a supplier/partner who can build the two components together. That when the alarm clock goes off the trigger/hook is released and the attached weight falls to the floor.

Sincerely, I believe the must be a product existing who already does exactly this. But I don't know..... If you do, let me know and I am willing to pay you a fair amount for your great help (must meet the described criteria).

Thank you!

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