Ka Abbasovich
Ka Abbasovich
09 Jul 2018

Anti Torsion(Twist) System in CNC stirrup Rebar bending Machine(Mechanical/Machinery Engineering)

hi guys/gals

im an student and ive got a project about how to stop the Rebar  from turning in an automatic rebar bending  machine after or while its straightened, i did alot of research and tries to find a solution for my mini project rebar bender to prvent rebar to turn around itself and make the final shapes to be in a straight plane, but i have failed.

my researches led me to an anti twist/torsion system which is compensating Rebar turning or preventing it, and cause final bent rebar be in a perfect straight plane , but the problem is i have no idea how this system works, i did alot of tries from what i found may work theoretically but when i applied those , none worked,

can anyone help me understand how exactly this system works, can u provide me some drawings or explanation or plans.

thank you all.

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