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An unsolved mathematics Olympiad problem?..!(Actually an excellent puzzle)

Question asked by vinod1993 in #Brainy Puzzles on Jul 31, 2012
vinod1993 · Jul 31, 2012
Rank C1 - EXPERT
This problem might have been solved by now but the book i have states that this problem has not been solved yet(then)(my book is 3 years old)...! This is an exciting question..! and i'm afraid i dont have the fastest of brains to solve this..! I'm still working on it..! So,here it is..!
Given a 25*25 chess board, two players in turn put white and black figures on the squares of the board. The first player places the white figures and the second player the black ones.A figure may not be put on a square if the square is not empty or if all neighbouring squares are occupied by the figures of the same colour. The player who cannot place his figure loses. Find a winning strategy for one of the players(Remark: Squares are called neighbouring if they have a common side). Posted in: #Brainy Puzzles
Prashanth_p@cchi · Aug 2, 2012
Rank C1 - EXPERT
I think it increase the chance of winning if you follow these....
  • Make sure you place your figure at the corners.
  • Try to place your figure diagonal to the figure of the same color(one you already placed before)
  • Also, whenever you get a chance make sure the you place your figure diagonal to the opponent's figure. Cause we know that after placing his figure, the only other option near to it would be disgonal since he can not place them adjacently. This is possible for you when your opponent does not place it diagonal to his figure. This also justifies why you have to do point 2.

For now, I came up with only these. I know that it is a bit confusing.
Please, read it again if you did not understand.

By all these you make sure that you provide less oppurtunities to your opponent and ultimately leave him no square to place his figure.

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