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An Appeal To All Women: Be an Engineer

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Coffee Room on Mar 10, 2011
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Mar 10, 2011
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A day before yesterday the world celebrated Womens' day. And a day before that I came across a couple of articles.

1. By Engineer Apprentice

Survey: few engineers can name famous women in their own industry

An excerpt:
"I am delighted and surprised to be the most famous woman engineer in the UKRC's survey," says Jean Venables. "When I started, there were very, very few women in this profession. Yet engineering saves more lives than medicine, and it is essential to the way we live our lives. It is also forward-looking, coming up with new ways of communicating and solutions to challenges such as climate change. For the best ideas and initiatives engineering needs diversity: it is essential that women are part of this."

The UKRC wants to celebrate the contribution of women engineers, says director Annette Williams. "Currently, only 7 per cent of engineers in the UK are women, so perhaps it is no surprise that so few people could name a famous woman engineer," she says. "But engineering is a vital profession, offering solutions to many of the challenges we face today. It is time to celebrate the 21st century contribution of engineers, and to make sure that women get a much higher profile so we can inspire talented young women as well as men to become engineers."
2. By The Hindu

The Hindu : Sci-Tech : Too ‘girl' to be geek?

An excerpt:
Classrooms across engineering domains are far less gender-skewed, what with girls accounting for at least 40 per cent of many engineering branches, computer science courses in particular. Yet, when it comes to high-end technology jobs, women are awfully under-represented.

While much has been said of the “leaky pipeline” — emphasised has been on how women are fewer at the mid-levels and under 4 per cent at director levels — little attention has been paid to the fact that women are largely clustered in jobs that require lesser technical skills. It would appear that despite mounting numbers, conventional ideas of what jobs fit women and what don't, has not changed much.
😐 I feel it's time we encourage young girls across the world, to take up engineering as their career.

At CE, we have lots of enthusiastic female engineers who have contributed largely to the forum and answered a variety of technical queries.

Through CrazyEngineers, I urge all of you to spread the word among all the young girls you know. Let's tell them why they can be very good engineers. 😀

If not, bring them to CE. Together we will let them realize their own potential. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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