Divya Singh
Divya Singh
Computer Science
10 Jan 2019

A.I. - Do you eagerly await its greatest possible advancement or fear it?

Artificial intelligence has finally taken in, on almost every possible thing already, but right now is still advancing. Compared to its total possibility, it is yet in its budding stage. What do you think? Will it cause problem to humanity when given the ultimate power that possibly we will, in the positive way? 

For example - I recently watched a movie named Artificial Intelligence. If any of you have watched it, it shows how humans in a positive way created different robots which were programmed for emotions- To love. That's a good positive thing humans thought of. They made a child robot who would love his mother until eternity. But it got stuck up in a rivalry with his sibling, who was a real human being, which resulted in a great deal of havoc! (Watch this movie guys -those who haven't. It's an amazing one)

So what are your thoughts on the advancement and existence of such robots as Sophia and many more to come. 

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