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@Ankita Katdare • 03 Jun, 2012 • 5 likes

Let us make a collection of the ultimate project ideas for third & final year Aeronautical engineering students.

I have a found a few after a quick search -

Bird deflector system for jet engines - a CFD analysis

Aerodynamic Load Estimation of a Helicopter Rotor in Hover and Climb

Introductory level rocket

Flow Analysis over an bullet

Cooling techniques in spacecraft

RC Plane modeling

Variable Twist Wing

Flexible Wing

Automatic Crack Detection

Optimization in Vertical Takeoff

Automative curative structures

Automation in landing system

Supersonic and subsonic wind tunnels

Design of microwave vehicle

Design optimization of aircraft

Vibrational reduction

Stealth without aerodynamics

Let us make a huge collection. Start giving your ideas in replies below.

@Ankita Katdare • 17 Jun, 2012 Here are a few more -
  • Balloon Satellite Project
  • Bird deflector system for jet engines - a CFD analysis
  • CAD & Prototype Fabrication
  • Conceptual design for 4-seat G.A. airplane (single engine)
  • Control system design for a VTOL UAV
  • DreamWings Valkyrie - Control system design
  • DC-8 MCoRDS Antenna Assembly
  • Design evaluation of the Hensley Wolf twin propeller pusher 4-seater
  • Design and wind tunnel testing (wind measuring device)
  • Design of a scaled Supermarine Spitfire
  • Design of a VTOL UAV for Freewing
  • Design review for an LSA
  • D-Star Engineering Design review
  • Design review for Finite Engineering
  • Design review for the Nexaer LS1
  • Design review for Trolltune Corporation
  • Design review on a UAV
  • Air Tractor (single, twin and three engine airplanes) - Design studies
  • VisionAire Vantage business jet - Design verification, stability, control analysis
  • Air Tractor (single engine airplane) - Design verification
  • Family of small airplanes - Design verification and analysis of their performance
  • Air Tractor (twin engine airplane) - Design verification
  • Design verification of a UAV concept.
  • Design verification of several fire-fighting airplanes for Air Tractor.
  • Safire Aircraft (small business jet) - Design verification, aerodynamic, stability and control support
  • ATP turboprop powered Vans RV-6A (Rivers Aeronautical) - Firewall forward design
  • High Altitude Student Payload
  • Horizontal tail analysis (2-seat amphibious airplane)
  • Milner Air Car - Initial structural analysis
  • Forward maneuver area air-delivery systems - Investigation
  • Liaoning Ante Steel Structure Group Vertical Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic and Structural Design and Analysis
  • Micro Gravity
  • Fairchild Aircraft (commuter aircraft) - Modification of the horizontal tail
  • Kit airplane (two person) - New design
  • Kit airplane (DreamWings) - New design, stability and control analysis
  • P-3B Radar Integration
  • Kelly Space and Technology Second Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle - Preliminary design and analysis
  • Preliminary design of a 4-seat business jet
  • Preliminary design of a 4-seat G.A. Airplane.
  • Preliminary design of a family of 4-6 seat twin-engine jets
  • Preliminary design of a jet powered UAV concept
  • Preliminary design of a personal air vehicle (vertical take-off)
  • Preliminary design of a roadable aircraft for Aero car
  • Preliminary Design of a small freighter/passenger airplane for NEXUS
  • Preliminary design of a Sport Pilot class airplane for Composicraft
  • Preliminary design of a supersonic business jet for OrthoAir
  • Preliminary design of a transonic business jet.
  • Preliminary design of a twin pusher G.A. airplane
  • Preliminary design of a two-seat single engine jet-trainer
  • Preliminary design of the Milner Air Car
  • Preliminary design verification of a 4-seat G.A. airplane.
  • Preliminary sizing of a small business twin-engine jet for Safire
  • Propeller/Rotor design for Free wing Flight Technologies
  • RC Planes Aerodynamic design and wind tunnel testing (flying toy)
  • Samson Motor works Switchblade - Preliminary Design Analysis
  • Samson Motor works Switchblade - wing mechanism Design
  • Small business jet - design of Speed brake
  • Student space system fabrication lab
  • NASA DC-8 Antenna Assembly Aerodynamic - Structural Design and Analysis
  • NASA P-3B Antenna Assembly - Design, Simulation (Aerodynamic and Structural), Fabrication and Installation
  • 6 passenger propeller airplane - new design, verification, analysis (vertical tail sizing and wing sizing)
  • VTOL Propulsion ground test
  • Wind tunnel test management for Safire Aircraft
@Ankita Katdare • 17 Jun, 2012 Students can also check some existing projects in these videos -

Third year students studying Aeronautical Engineering at University of Glasgow run a turbojet for their propulsion laboratory. ->

@Ankita Katdare • 17 Jun, 2012 • 1 like Texas A&M University - Department of Aerospace Engineering - Spring 2009 Senior Design Project

Some of the projects undertaken by IIT Madras over the last few years include the following-

1.Aerodynamic Load Estimation of a Helicopter Rotor in Hover and Climb and Development of a Computer Code which was sponsored by IDF.

2. Study of Flow through Axi symmetric / 2-D Variable area C D Nozzles sponsored by ADA.

3. A Distributed Problem Solver for Navier Stokes Equations sponsored by IRDF. Analysis of Flow Through Air
4. Augmented Rockets and of an air breathing hypersonic flying test bed sponsored by ISRO.
@giribalasaras • 28 Jan, 2014 • 5 likes Aeronautical Final Year projects
Aero cheap projects
Aeronautical notes
Aeronautical study material
Aeronautical project ideas
Aeronautical project reports
I have posted final year projects suggestion for the Aeronautical and mechanical students
If you need some help, get in touch with me via CrazyEngineers conversations.
@Ankita Katdare • 06 Feb, 2015 Here are some more ideas:

PHOENIX 607 Aerospace Engineering Graduation Project 2007 -

At Carleton University, some engineers have built a project for developing an integrated multi-mission UAS. The development started seven years ago as one of the final-year undergraduate projects within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) can be used for high-resolution magnetic surveys

pulse jet engine testing by Indian Aeronautical Engineers

Freshmen aerospace engineering students working in the Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory at the University of Maryland have designed a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) based on a rotorcraft design. In order to test the design at the appropriate Reynolds number, they built a 10:1 scale version of the vehicle that works in water.

@Samuel Naren • 23 Jun, 2015 I got this through search

  • Numerical optimisation of aerofoils for a high performance low speed aircraft
  • Nodal analysis of a control surface using FEM
  • Investigation on the effect of splitter plates to enhance charcteristics of flow around cylinder
  • Design and analysis of scramjet combustion chamber
  • Design and analysis of a high thrust parabolic nozzle using method of characteristics and CFD
  • Shock boundary layer interaction studies using CFD
  • Aerodynamic flow control studies of a wall jet using Triple Deck Theory (TDT)
  • Using Lumped vortex element (LVM) method to predict the aerodynamic performance of an aerofoil
  • Design of a high performance swept wing using CFD
  • Effects of leading edge blowing on transonic flow over open cavity
  • Experimental evaluation of a MAV wing using subsonic wind tunnel
  • Understanding the flow physics of Cascade blades
  • Drag reduction of an aircraft afterbody using passive devices – Experimental and numerical studies
  • Experimental studies on mixing in concurrent cold jets
  • Design of cross flow injection system to enhance mixing in a supersonic flow
  • Numerical evaluation of flow over blunt body with mass addition in a hypersonic flow
  • Fluid structure interaction studien at wing body junction
  • Analysis of buffetting of aircraft wing using FEM
  • FEA Structural analysis of a high performance wing
  • CFD analysis of thrust vectoring nozzle
  • Load Estimation of a Helicopter blade using CFD
  • CFD studies on flow over wing with and without de-icing
  • Conceptual design for two seater single engine air plane
  • Design and development of one kg unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Design of a jet powered UAV
Source : Final year Aeronautical Projects
@gamer prash • 04 Mar, 2016 thank u @Ankita Katdare.....ive got enough to start my glad.....
@smit varma • 14 Aug, 2018 • 2 likes

How to make birds deflector jet engines 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 14 Aug, 2018

@smit - Have you tried searching on the Internet? Could you share the information you've found. It'd be impossible for anyone here to explain the entire thing to you.

@VICKY MOORTHY • 08 Oct, 2018 • 2 likes

Balloon satellite project

@Surya Murugan • 24 Nov, 2018 • 3 likes

i need some ideas for my final project related to a)aeronautical b)wind mill

@Radhika Deshpande • 24 Nov, 2018 • 1 like

Hey Surya, look at this thread -

This will surely help you to get some ideas on energy based project which can be of better help. There is lot of information added in the thread along with some explanatory videos.

Please go through it , I am sure you will get some clue.

All the best.

@Gandla Swetha • 18 Dec, 2018

I want to do my mini project regarding  propulsion can you give me information regarding that please 

@sam antony • 19 Dec, 2018

Design of jet  powered UAV for my final year project

@sam antony • 19 Dec, 2018

Refer some ideas for balloon satellite project also

@dIVya sharada • 23 Jan, 2019

hello I want some unique project ideas related to aerodynamics(applicable to aerospace or aeronautical industry) which can be fabricated and analysed within 2-3 months of duration.

Thank you

@Akshay Chandanshive • 04 Mar, 2019

Plz suggest any project ideas for aeronautical engineering

@Mugesh.p P • 19 Feb, 2020

Pls support madem. I have any ideas for new projects AERONAUTICAL. 

Propulsion based Idea 

@Teja Reddy • 25 Feb, 2020

1. Load estimation of helicopter blade by using CFD

2. CFD analysis of thrust vectoring nozzle

3. Design of High performance wings using CFD


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