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Teja Peddada
Teja Peddada • Aug 6, 2012

About DASS(Diploma in Automation & SCADA Systems) course offered by CDAC,Blore Knowledge park campus

Hello Everyone,

I am Teja from Hyderabad. Currently, I am working with Intense Technologies @ Hyd, as a DB2 Data Base Admin . I completed my Masters in Instrumentation and controls. I also did intrernship with AIR LIQUIDE, Engineering India Limited for a period of 7 months on Instrumentation domain.

I got seat in DASS at Bangalore Campus. Could anyone provide detailed information about this course and placements provided. Also, How good is the course content with respect to current Industry demand..I request you all to give your valuable suggestions and advice and help me in taking a right decision.

Thanks in advance.
gowthamkd • Jan 16, 2014
hi teja i also got seat in dass in cdac bangalore please tell me about placement record there
CHETAN HEDAU • Jul 29, 2015
hello friends, i also got seat in dass in cdac bangalore please tell me about placement record there.
Also, How good is the course content with respect to current Industry demand..I request you all to give your valuable suggestions and advice and help me in taking a right decision.
MRK • Aug 8, 2015
MRK • Aug 8, 2015
hi i m Mahesh. i got admission in CDAC Bangalore for PG-DASS. i want to know is it good for placement or teaching. plz tell me about this
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Aug 9, 2015
@Jatin Asija If you know something about this, or tag someone who can answer, please do.
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar • Aug 9, 2015
thanks for tagging Ankita,
I haven't done much reasearch on this course but a answer on quora says that :
If primary concern is to get a job. I would say No. As not much companies come for this branch.
Some companies come where all the students from all the branches are allowed to take part in interview. But then there will be a tough competition and chances are less.
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar • Aug 9, 2015
you should tag prototype ,he is a cdac passout ,he knows better
I am using CE on mobile browser ,so not able to do that
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar • Aug 9, 2015
Review of DASS course by a student:
Regarding DASS (Automation and SCADA) Course
I am student of DASS course of August-2013 Batch.
CDAC DASS course is a very worst, bullshit course regarding course structure, because in this course module no subject related automation sector there are no PLC programming module, no DCS module, no HMI module which has most important role in Automation Industry and mostly automation compnies interview the main question is "Please tell me about plc and on which PLC do you have worked". Person who design this course, include only SCADA module related Automation field and in SCADA module only include HOW TO DESIGN SCADA SOFTWARE instead of HOW TO DESIGN ANY APPLICATION ON SCADA SOFTWARE for Industry purpose.
Second thing is there are no permanent faculty for DASS course, All the faculty are related with CS, IT Sector , they only teach us how to design software but this is also not properly and which is not use for fresher and they don't have any experience related in automation or industrial field (any plant, power plant, paper, chemical, sugar...etc)
Third thing which is very important, there are no placement in Automation field from CDAC Bangalore (Knowlege Park). There is a shameless and damn thing about my T.P.O "Mr. VENKETESH GOPAL" that i use to go everyday to talk to about companies information for Automation that are comming for placement but he dose not responce to my questions even he dose not want to talk to me and he use to make me wait till the end of day.
And this is bullshit.!!!!!!!!!
I have paid 79,000 for this course and I am not getting any sufficient knowledge relevent to the Automation field as well as not getting any company for the placement.
Akshay K12
Akshay K12 • Aug 10, 2015
Hello guys, alike Jatin I am also one of the victims of CDAC DASS course. CDAC is mainly focused on computing domain and not on Automation/Instrumentation. Basically, I am a bit 'above average' guy in academics, so CDAC wasnt something too difficult to bear.
However during my course Aug-2012, we were taught basics C prog, OS, Java, Oracle, Networking. After half the course duration Automation topics began, which were taught with PPT's less than 15 slides(not worth what I paid for). It was something like CDAC has started in great zeal but could not even meet the purpose. After the course, the placement from CDAC status was 3-4 got into software development profile(less than 3lpa) and 2 in production support(Which do not need CDAC to get in) but no company came for Automation/SCADA. Even when I tried for jobs externally, the interviewers would say 'Your knowledge/skills does not even meet half the company requirements. It would have been better if you had done a PLC course rather.'
Also job profile like SCADA /Automation engineer/System Integrator exist in big shot companies only, viz Honeywell,ABB, Schneider,etc where freshers wont stand a chance.
The intention is not to demoralize here but point is most of us go to CDAC because we didn't got job after BTech, but if the picture remains the same even after six months and 80 thousands, it defeats the purpose.
One of my friend with poor economic background used his Dad's one time pension's money in this, but was jobless even 1 year after CDAC.(And he did tried his best in the course) Now, after 2 years he is working in a Bank, quite relevant huh.
(Hope the CDAC teaching,management and placement staff will stop making a bad business out of college passouts )
Akshay K
MRK • Aug 20, 2015
hi Ankita
MRK • Aug 20, 2015
wat u say about dass Bangalore

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