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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 25, 2017

"5G" Specs final draft confirms 100 Mbps awesomeness

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has recently published an almost final draft of the 5G specs that defines how the fifth generation of communication is going to be. While 4G is just getting accepted as a norm in most parts of the world, several companies have already demonstrated their capability to transfer data at unthinkable speeds. Until now, there wasn't a consensus on what would be the standard for 5G. The recent draft of the 5G specs published by ITU, the body responsible for defining the communications standard, lifts curtains on the future of communication.

The 5G technology promises to deliver your home/office like Internet connection everywhere. You should be able to download stuff @100 Mbps and upload @50Mbps minimum. There would be extremely low lag - of about 4ms ( against 20ms for the current 4G LTE). The 5G service would even work on bullet trains traveling at speeds over 500 kmph.


The 5G specs also define 20Gbps downstream from each cell site and 10Gbps upstream to the connected users; which is 20x greater than LTE's 1Gbps per cell site. The new standard requires supporting over 1 million devices per square kilometer. These devices may not necessarily be mobile phones. Imagine every electronic device around you connected to the Internet using the 5G network receiving and transmitting data. 5G would enable building up of an ecosystem of connected devices; aka Internet of Things (IoT). The specs also talk of the radio devices that are not only energy efficient when under heavy load; but fall back to low energy mode when they are not in use.

We must mention that while these specs are 'almost final'; there might be few modifications to the specs when the ITU meets in November this year to finalize the standards. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning of a new era. Several countries have expressed interest in becoming an early adopter of the 5G technology and India is one of them.

Source: ArsTechnica | ITU
Kamlesh Vora
Kamlesh Vora • Feb 26, 2017
Wtf! We need to achieve broadband penetration minimum 70-80% of population. Then only we can move mass on mobility and 4G or 5G could be success.
Moreover it will be #digital nation in true way.

People should have mindset to adopt internet and its benefit beyond just fb, YouTube and WhatsApp. They need to know broadband penetration is more reliable and affordable than 4G 5G.

True 4G or true 5g are all business game plans. Where corporate will make money by giving 3G under wrapper of 4GLTE.
I strongly believe we need more broadband and public hotspots than having untrue 4G or 5G LTE.

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