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Senior Product Manager at Brave Care

Anywhere Posted 20, Mar Expires 1yr ago Full Time
Brave Care

Senior Product Manager

Brave Care
Not Specified
Job Type:
Full Time
1yr ago

As Brave Care continues to grow, we’re looking for a seasoned Product Manager to join our team. Brave Care is re-inventing children's healthcare, starting with pediatric primary and urgent care. We’re building technical products to support users both locally and nationally. We’re seeking an experienced product manager who can work cross-functionally to organize and execute our technology product roadmap.

What to Expect in the Role

  • You will work with our Product Leads for Clinics, Digital & Expansion to help create roadmaps for our engineering, ops, growth & design teams to execute against.
  • You will be responsible for leading the sprint planning and gathering all requirements, resources, and input from stakeholders to create a sprint timeline with milestones and deliverables.
  • You will help keep each team connected and working together to ship wonderful products on-time by assigning tasks and keeping track of our progress.
  • You will make proposals to senior management regarding implications of proposed plans
  • You will develop and implement administrative and operational matters ensuring achievement of objectives
  • You will work to define KPIs for all projects and evaluating the success of a project
  • You will evaluate risks and tradeoffs associated with each course of action
  • You will not make us use JIRA

What You’ll Need to Do to Be Successful in the Role:

You are the conductor. You’ll have the score and an orchestra of very talented musicians. You’ll keep everyone on time, in-tune and creating the best music we possibly can. You are incredibly well organized and detail oriented. You can make order out of very complex situations, but also understand that the most complex parts are often the humans involved… and deeply empathize with the customer we’re building for and all the stakeholders involved and working together to get it done. We have multiple customer types including patients and clinic staff, so we’re looking for a highly empathetic candidate to help us ship products and services that help both of these groups. As much as you live in the details and keep a tight schedule, you also realize that you’re helping shape the product experience we’re building and are not shy to share your perspectives and bring your own research and experience to the conversations about what we’re building next.


  • 5+ years of experience in a product focused role
  • Experience managing products and working cross-functionally in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills
  • Openness to change and new information
  • Enthusiasm to develop engineered processes and technologies and to apply innovative solutions to make organizational improvements while encouraging creative thinking and innovation
  • Ability to motivate and inspire development teams to achieve beyond what they imagined possible
  • Remote Candidates OK

Company Mission & Ethos:

Brave Care offers high-quality children’s primary and urgent care in Portland, Oregon. We see pediatric patients cradle to college, for a variety of conditions including: cold and flu, fevers, vaccinations, broken bones, and allergies. Open 7 days a week, we provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to standard primary, urgent care facilities, and emergency rooms. Brave Care has an onsite lab and x-ray, and is focused on treating patient concerns that require immediate care.

Product Managment