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Traffic Auditing with Facial Recognition, Object Detection and Object Tracking

Traffic Auditing is divided into 3 separate modules which performs the task of facial recognition, object detection and object tracking.
Rishabh Kachhwaha
Rank D3 - MASTER
₹1500 · Jodhpur · Computer-Science

Project Abstract

Traffic Auditing is a project that has been developed to tackle the frantic situation of our traffic system. It is generally divided into 3 module i.e. Criminal Recognition which is simple face recognition that can be used to identify any person who is registered as a criminal in the police database. Second Object Detection that detects each and every object that is present in a given frame, it returns with a bounding box and a confidence score on every object within the frame. Last but not the least Object Tracking which is capable of tracking an object as long as it remains within the frame.

Traffic Auditing with Facial Recognition, Object Detection and Object Tracking

List of Deliverables

  1. Project Report
  2. Sample Testing and Training Dataset for Face Recognition
  3. Weight and Configuration files of YOLO Object Detection
  4. Separate Source code of all the 3 Modules 
  5. A single file containing all the 3 modules within it.
  6. Research papers for understanding the concepts and approaches.
  7. All the images used by me to create the GUI.
  8. All the libraries required to create the virtual environment.
  9. A Readme.txt file to explain how the project works.


#Object Detection #Computer Science #Machine Learning #Smart #Python #face recognition