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RFID Based IoT Vending Machine Using ESP32

RFID based Smart vending machine useing ESP32
Sayantan Pal
Rank D3 - MASTER
₹5000 · Kolkata · Electronics-And-Communication

Project Abstract

Unlike traditional vending machines in the market we developed this Smart Vending Machine powered by ESP32 which is why it's also a IOT device. We also redesigned the payment system with a major update by using RFID technology. Because RFID or radio-frequency identification is much more secure than any other payment system out there. It also helps us to build a cashless economy. Last but not least we introduce ESP32 in our project which is the latest version of its series. It's more powerful than an Arduino Uno or any other development board. It can also connected to the internet via WIFI so we shifted our user database to a cloud storage which can be operated from anywhere in the world. you will get all information about your machine with just a click of a button. easy and hassle free. 

RFID Based IoT Vending Machine Using ESP32

List of Deliverables

1. NodeMCU (ESP32)

2. RFID Module (MRFC522) [includes a RFID reader-Writer, 1 RFID card, 1 RFID tag]

3. 16x2 LCD Module

4. 4x4 Alpha-numeric Keypad module

5. 4 DC gear Motor

6. Motor driver

7. Wires

8. CODE and instruction Manual



#Microcontroller #Electronics #Arduino #RFID #NodeMcu #iot #Esp32