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MichMich - Internet Connected Two-Way Smart Mirror

Internet connected mirror(Smart Mirror) is a two-way mirror, which is similar to a smart phone that provides details like time, date, news etc.
Chandana Sai
₹15000 · Hyderabad · Electronics-And-Communication

Project Abstract

Internet of Things (IOT) is a concept where an object having the ability to transfer data over a network without the need for human interaction to human or human to computer. IOT is known for its advantage that can help simplify people's everyday routine.

We look at the mirror daily and interact with it psychologically to find out how we look and how our attire is.A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass. Smart Mirror is a concept of smart home-based Internet of Things (IOT).

Smart mirror is built using raspberry pi 3, where raspberry pi 3 is used in many technologies like media streamer, arcade machine, controlling robots, cosmic computers etc. Using java script,the code is written into the raspberry pi 3 to get the various features.

A reflective mirror with programmable applications and digital display for the home, office and public environment like hotels, hospitals, retail shops. It is an easy Raspberry pi powered home smart mirror. It displays applications so that you can check the weather and local news while you are getting ready in the morning. It's also modular, so you can easy move it around or hang it on the wall if you like. The magic mirror of the future won’t just say you’re the prettiest of them all. It’ll also tell you the time, date, weather outside,upcoming calendar appointments, traffic status, bus schedule and more. You can watch YouTube videos,browse Google etc.Smart mirrors are straight from science fiction. They’re part of an optimistic vision of the future that imagines a world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you whatever information you need at a moment’s notice.

MichMich - Internet Connected Two-Way Smart Mirror

List of Deliverables

Project Report

Project Presentation (PPT)

Raspberry pi 3


LCD touch screen

Project Results

Complete explanation and clarification of doubts.


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