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IoT Dash Button Similar To Amazon Dash Button Using ESP-01 Module

Similar to Amazon Dash button. With the help of IFTTT we can automate many things.
Sayantan Pal
Rank D3 - MASTER
₹600 · Kolkata · Electronics-And-Communication

Project Abstract

The IoT dash button is based on ESP01 module. It has two GPIOs which are connected to two push buttons also separate male headers for Powering/Programming the module and connect sensors etc. Also a bicolour LED attached to the pins to show the outputs. The module is already flashed with a custom firmware which allows it to configure through a website or app. The pins can be used as INPUT or OUTPUT depending on the configuration you selected.

Modes : 

There're basically 3 modes here 

1. Output : In this configuration the module acts as an output device. You can turn on and off things from the app

2. Input : in this mode if you attached any sensor it will send the sensor data to the app and show the value there.

3. Button : In this mode when you press The on board buttons Using IFTTT it can trigger a scheduled task and perform that. 

IoT Dash Button Similar To Amazon Dash Button Using ESP-01 Module

List of Deliverables

1. Module

2. User guide

3. Lipo battery


#Electronics #iot #Computer Science