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IoT Based Real Time Energy Audit Using Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analysis

IoT Based Real Time Energy Audit Project Using Machine Learning and predictive Data Analysis.
Akshay Salunke
Rank D3 - MASTER
₹15000 · Pune · Electronics-And-Telecommunication

Project Abstract

Energy crisis is one of the prime challenges being faced by many of the countries in the world today. Industrial development and population growth has tremendously increased the demand for energy to a huge extent. So we have come up with effective systems to deal with this problem. 

Main aim of this project is to design a SmartPlug: energy monitoring and control system which can control the devices, show power consumed by the devices and calculate electricity bills based on the total energy usage depending upon different vendors available. Our system includes a controller board and sensors which will be connected to each and every device. We have developed a website so that the user can just login and have information about the energy consumption by all the devices. 

A graphical representation of the power consumed by the devices will make the user aware if power consumed by any device exceeds a certain level. This system can reduce the electricity bills to a large extent and will prove beneficial for the users as well. It is not restricted to limited devices and thus can also be used in industries by using more micro-controllers. 

IoT Based Real Time Energy Audit Using Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analysis

List of Deliverables

  1. PCB Designed Hardware
  2. Interactive Website
  3. Interactive Android Application
  4. Website Management System
  5. Code Assessment
  6. Project Report- (using latex)
  7. Project Presentation (PPT)
  8. Full Time Assessment


#Electronics #Arduino #iot #electricity #Android #Machine Learning