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Arduino RTC Clock

Arduino based 7 segment clock using DS1307 RTC ic.
Sayantan Pal
Rank D3 - MASTER
₹800 · Kolkata · Electronics-And-Communication

Project Abstract

This project is basically a digital clock that shows Date and Time using 7 segment display. The time is shown in the format HH:MM as it contains 4 single digits display. It's driven by an Arduino Nano and for date and time it uses a RTC(Real Time Clock) ic DS1307. It's powered by a lipo battery which is rechargeable through built-in charger module. Date and time can be adjusted through 3 push buttons. Precision level +-1s in 24 hours. 

Arduino RTC Clock

List of Deliverables

Clock Module

Arduino Nano

Lipo battery

3.3v coin cell battery


#low cost projects #Electronics #Arduino #RTC #Arduino Nano