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Know the people who work tirelessly round the clock, throughout the year to keep CrazyEngineers neat, clean, professional and yet, fun to use.

Introducing our team of moderators who have been working relentlessly over the years to keep CE Community spam-free, discussion-rich and one of the coolest places to hang out on the web. Hailing from various parts of India, all these engineers are united with the common goal of building a world-class community of engineering students & professionals. Also, we love to keep it simple.

Presenting our rocking team of moderators nicknamed 'The Mod Squad' -

Kaustubh Katdare

The Founder and CEO of CrazyEngineers, Kaustubh is single-handedly responsible for maintaining peace throughout all the posts at CE.

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Ankita Katdare

A Computer Science Engineer by degree, Ankita has been a forum moderator since 2009. The best place to find her is in front of her MacBook.

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Harshad Italiya

One of the most loved members of the community, Harshad's core interest lies in embedded electronics. When he is not on CE, he runs his own startup Energy Cloud Technology.

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Saandeep Sreerambatla

An ardent Ayn Rand fan, Sandy is a QA Engineer by profession. An oldest member of the community, he is a part of all the intelligent conversations.

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Working as an Electrical Engineer at HMT, Lal is our tech-loving tall guy. He loves to find out how machines work and long drives on his bike.

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Abhishek Rawal

An open source enthusiast, Abhishek is a hard-core Electronics Engineer who eats ARM/Embedded Systems and breathes Linux.

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