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CrazyEngineers Apps

Apps for engineers

Apps For Engineers

CrazyEngineers Apps system lists all the apps released by the CE Team. Click on the icon to access the app.

CEoM: The clash of the titans

CEoM aka "CEan Of The Month" is a monthly battle among the members of CrazyEngineers community for entry to the CrazyEngineers Hall Of Fame.

In any month, CEans can apply to participate in the next month's contest. Starting the first of every month, the app tracks the performance of each participant in real time and assigns score. Moreover, other members can vote for the contestants.

The member with the highest score at the end of the month is declared as the winner. In case of tie, all the top scorers are declared as winners and get their names permanently mentioned in CrazyEngineers Hall Of Fame.

Click on the icon to nominate yourself.

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