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About CrazyEngineers

Introduction of CrazyEngineers

We are 'Crazy', Not Insane

Since our inception in 2005, we've focused on building a community that is completely professional and fun. Our aim is to create a community that advances itself by creating wealth of knowledge and helping each other. We believe 'crazy' gives a positive spin to engineering.

We Turn The Screws

If at any stage in life you endeavored towards a dream that others tagged "whacky", you're an engineer as much as we are. Doesn't matter if you succeeded or failed, for CrazyEngineers believes in the striving spirit more than in success itself.

Engineering is about attitude. Not degrees.

That's why we have a large number of engineering students, professors, lecturers, renowned scientists, authors, CEOs, startup owners, hobby engineers, 8-year olds, housewives, doctors signed up on CrazyEngineers from over 180 countries.

We all are passionate about engineering & technology and want to make the world a better place.

Still Reading?
Throw your bags in and jump in on this wagon, and we promise you a never-ending passionate ride that you'll never feel like getting off!

The infrastructure CrazyEngineers runs on is sponsored by LiquidWeb - the web hosting company we've trusted for years for their high quality services & heroic support.


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