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Ubuntu Developers Planning To Develop Their Own File-Manager For Ubuntu 14.10

By Abhishek Rawal in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps', Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Abhishek Rawal


    Engineering Discipline:
    Electronics & Telecommunications
    Ubuntu is planning to develop its own file manager which will be introduced with their QT5 powered Unity8 desktop environment from Ubuntu 14.10 onwards. Ubuntu is currently using Nautilus File manager (also known as 'Files'), developed by GNOME developers.Ubuntu users & developers are growing increasingly unhappy with the direction at which Nautilus file manager is leading. There are many necessary features which are missing in latest Nautilus, forcing users to replace Nautilus with their favourite file manager like feature-rich nautilus fork, Nemo or the popular Thunar - which is inarguably one of the best file managers.

    (GNOME's Nautilus File Manager)
    Ubuntu developer Oliver Grawert is currently seeking help from community and asking for feedback of features which users & developers would like to see.
    "With all the complaints and unhappiness about Nautilus upstream ripping out things like dual pane and other beloved and helpful features I expect we can do better and I think this is the right time to:
    a) collect requirements
    b) file wish list bugs
    c) if *you* want to contribute, get in contact with the developers(CCed)
    The new core apps are all 100% developed by the community under guidance of the canonical design team." quoted Oliver Grawert in his mailing list post.

    Canonical is planning convergence using Mir display server from Ubuntu 14.10 onwards, which means that new file manager which Ubuntu developers are planning to introduce will be available for all platforms like Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops & Netbooks. Currently, no other information regarding upcoming Ubuntu's home grown file manager is released. Only time will tell whether Ubuntu will fork nautilus file manager & add new features like they usually do with all GNOME based applications, or team will develop entire file manager from scratch. More detailed information regarding this is likely to be available soon.

    Source : Ubuntu Archives
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    #1 Abhishek Rawal, Feb 2, 2014
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Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Abhishek Rawal, Feb 2, 2014.

    1. Martín Cigorraga

      Engineering Discipline:
      "[...]or the popular Thunar - which is inarguably one of the best file managers."

      Not it isn't, at all. Best one by far is Dolphin, amazingly powerful, flexible, fast and suitable for every scenario you can think of. Heavily dependant on KDE of course, because if not it would had to reinvent the wheel. Even better having tight integration with KDE it can leverage all the mighty and wonder of that wonderful framework.

      Let's see though how portable it finally is on the upcoming KDE5 Framework which will sport unprecedented modularity, may be people from other lands can have the choice to use the graphical file manager they deserve for the 2014 without installing the amount of dependencies that are necessarily today.
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      #2 Martín Cigorraga, Apr 17, 2014
      Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
    2. Abhishek Rawal


      Engineering Discipline:
      Electronics & Telecommunications
      Since we're talking about Ubuntu here, which is based on GNOME, who relies on GTK+ UI toolkit, I didn't mentioned Dolphin as it is built on QT. (It's better to compare with GTK+ based File managers, you know)

      However, which one is best file manager, that differs from person to person. Some prefers Nemo, few like Dolphin, some even like that lame Nautilus. We simply can't argue here which is best FM.

      That is going to be awesome. Waiting for final release of KDE5 which is going to release in June. I assume during same period of time, Plasma Next is also entering final stable state.
      Eager to try it out in my Suse :cool:
      #3 Abhishek Rawal, Apr 18, 2014
      Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
    3. Martín Cigorraga

      Engineering Discipline:
      Now you mention that is somewhat ironic that Canonical decided to embrace GTK years ago just to then start coding their own apps in Qt later adopting it as their preferred development platform (???)

      Regarding Dolphin I'm absolutely convinced about what I expressed as its power and flexibility goes beyond own taste: with Dolphin you can accomplish absolutely the same very tasks you tackle with Thunar, Nautilus, Nemo, SpaceFM - hell, even Midnight Commander! -, whatever you can think off; yet it largely surpasses the capabilities of all the aforementioned file managers. Same applies to it's interface: you can easily expand it to create a full featured control centre or dumb it down to a simple tabbed file manager. Dolphin is a rock star among graphical file managers, too bad most people will never realize its full power.

      Said that I barely use any graphical file manager at all, rxvt+tmux+fish+emacs do it pretty well for me ^_^
    4. aarav sharma

      aarav sharma Apprentice

      Engineering Discipline:
      Can you tell me how does its use?
      How we can manage all folder and file in this file manager.