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Toyota T-HR3 Brings Your AVATAR Dreams To Life, Thanks To 5G!

The T-HR3 Humanoid was is designed to be operated wirelessly. Thanks to 5G speeds that engineers can now control the robot from a distance of 10 Kilometers.

The fifth generation of mobile networks is going to affect your life in ways you didn't even imagine. Thanks to 5G that Toyota engineers have been able to control its proxy-bot called T-HR3 from a distance of about 10 kilometers. 

The T-HR3 is a humanoid that the company had unveiled almost an year ago. Back then, engineers had to rely on a wired connection to control the bot. However, with its partnership with DOCOMO, Toyota can now control it remotely, without wires. 

The robot operator has to strap themselves into a 'base-suite' and wear special head-gear that lets them see through the T-HR3's cameras. 


The robot can send mechanical feedback back to the operator so that they have a better sense of the environment the bot is currently in. 

The bot is equipped with full-body balance mechanism, joint control which allows it to interact with objects around it. 

Toyota aims to use the bot to help patients with limited mobility. Akifumi Tamoki, GM of Toyota Partner Robot Division said that the technology will be used to develop robots that co-exist with humans and assist them in daily lives. 


T-HR3 will be demonstrated at DOCOMO's open house in Tokyo on 6th December. 

Via: Toyota PR

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