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Telepathic Mail Communication To Be A Reality - University Of Barcelona Research

By Sharvari Panchbhai in 'Other Engineering Trades', Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Sharvari Panchbhai

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    It seems that the day is not far away when we will also be able to perform telepathy like Professor Charles Xavier, the famous mutant from Marvel’s X-Men comic series with superhuman cerebral powers. With the perspective of transmitting messages without intervention of motor or peripheral sensory systems, the researchers from University of Barcelona in Spain, Axilum Robotics in France, Harvard Medical School and Starlab Barcelona in Spain have tried to devise a novel technology that allows a person to send an email to anyone across the globe using nothing but the power of his mind. In the screening test, the conscious transmission of information was performed by a volunteer in Thiruvananthapuram, India who sent his greetings to a person present in Strasbourg, France.


    Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets were used to record the electrical impulses generated by the chemical reaction between neurons of the brain and then they were fed into a computer interface. The computer then uses electrical stimulation to implant translated message in the receiver’s mind.


    The researchers used brain-computer interface (BCI), a crucial interface for the creation of brain-to-brain communication systems and computer-brain interface (CBI), a precise brain stimulation technique. These two technologies were combined to perform computer-mediated brain-to-brain (B2B) communication. After the collaboration, an internet-mediated B2B communication was established. The information was transmitted between the minds of emitter and receiver in the form of binary streams of encoded words.

    brain mri.PNG

    According to the researchers, this new “hyperinteraction” technology will have a profound influence on the cognitive research in the field of neuroscience and scientific study of consciousness.

    To know more about the research you can have a look at the research paper which was published online in Journal Plos One.

    Source: Plos One

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Discussion in 'Other Engineering Trades' started by Sharvari Panchbhai, Aug 30, 2014.