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Sun-Dimming Chemicals Sprayed In Stratosphere Could Fight Global Warming

Scientists are exploring the possibility of using Stratospheric Aerosol Injection to dim the Sun.

Scientists from Yale and Harvard Universities have proposed a new way of handling the global warming issue. The new proposal explores possibilities of spraying Sun-dimming chemicals in the stratosphere.

The technique is called Stratospheric Aerosol Injection aka SAI. Scientists believe that this technique would slow down the rate of global warming by 50%. The overall ideal is to spray large amount of sulphate particles into lower stratosphere, about ~19.3 kilometers above Earth's surface. 


There are several challenges involved, as you'd imagine. None of the existing aircraft designs allow making this possible - mentioned the paper published in the Environment Research Letters journal.

Scientists have therefore proposed development of a high-altitude tanker with  substantial payload capabilities to deliver the sulphates at the desired altitude. 

The estimated cost of this project would be $2.25 billion and the time required would be about 15 years. 

The report however acknowledges that the technique is hypothetical. 

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