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Rumor: HTC M8 With Plastic Body To Make The Phone More Affordable

By Dhananjay Harkare in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps', Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Dhananjay Harkare

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Recently, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC was in news for using metallic bodies for its phones. However, new reports suggest that the company is planning to launch its recently released flagship model One M8 with plastic body. If this rumour is true, it points to the fact that HTC wants to attract even more customers with the cheaper version of M8. Signs are that HTC would launch plastic version of One M8 by next month. It’s interesting to note that HTC has always been very proud of its metal body phones and have ridiculed Samsung’s high-end phones for being plastic made.


    Reports on this story suggest that the phone will have outside body of plastic rather than metal. However the configuration and design of both the phones would have no distinct changes. The issue behind HTC’s this move is believed to be the high cost of metal pieces whereas the plastic variant of same model would make it available at low-cost.

    As reported by a Chinese website, the phone would be priced around 3000 Yuan (approx. Rs 29,000). HTC unveiled 4G version of One M8 in china just a couple of days ago, with price tag of 5299 Yuan (approx. Rs 51,300). The figures clearly indicate much difference in prices of both variants. Last month, HTC released One M8 in India but price is yet to be announced. It would be interesting to see how customers react to plastic version of M8. Do share with us your thoughts on the plastic variant's effect on the original (metal) variant of the phone.

    Via: NDTV


Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Dhananjay Harkare, Apr 14, 2014.