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  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    The jobs that require people to be on their feet 90% of the times; such as in factories, assembly lines, warehouses, restaurants et cetera are naturally very tiring. It's almost impossible to have a chair or a stool around you all the time so that you can relax your legs and still continue the job. Wouldn't it be nice if we could carry our chair with us all the time and use it whenever we want? Sounds nice, right? That's exactly what the Swiss startup company, called "Noonee" has developed - a chair that you can wear!


    The CEO of Noonee, Keith Gunura began developing his idea of 'chairless chair' back in 2009 at the Bioinspired Robotics Laboratory at the ETH Zurich institute of research. The prototype Noonee has developed employs a variable damper that supports body weight. All the user has to do is to bend their knees and adjust their sitting position and the engage the damper. Once the position is locked the chair stays in its configuration, providing a comfort feel to the wearer.

    The prototype weighs about 2 kg and requires a 9V battery. Nonee says that the battery will last for about 8 hours once charged. The company has not revealed the price of the product yet. The chairless chair has began receiving interest from various industries, factories, film industry, medical, agricultural and others.

    We believe it's one interesting innovation that may lead to better productivity across the domains in which it's employed. Do you think this can be improved further? If yes, let us know your ideas!

    Source: Noonee
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