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Instagram Debuts "Private-Collection" feature inspired by Pinterest Boards

By Anup Singh Rajpoot in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps', Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Anup Singh Rajpoot

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    Instagram is going aggressive and straight-on toward its goal of concurring the photo sharing space. So, if some other platform offers something that Instagram doesn’t! No worries, in few months it will. In short, that’s their winning formula these days. After crushing Snapchat in its own game of sharing Stories, Instagram is heading towards Pinterest. Recently the company introduced a new feature called “private collections” erringly similar to Pinterest’s bookmarking feature.


    In December 2016, Instagram announced a bookmarking feature which allowed users to save posts for latter reference. The new addition was well received with 46% of the users saving at least one post. The new collection feature will act as an extension to that. Now you will be able to organize your saved posts under different categories of your choice like a Pinterest board. Only difference being, the collections you make will be for your private reference unlike Pinterest boards, which serve as a means to socialize.

    Creating a collection out of already saved images is as simple as it gets. On bookmarked images page, clicking on the plus button in the top right corner allows you to select and add images into a new collection. To add a new post into any of the collections, just tap and hold the bookmark icon on the image and choose from the drop-down menu. At this point, you can even make an entirely new collection and add the first image in it.

    Although copied to some extent, the feature fulfills the most obvious need of organizing the saved posts. Most likely, the users will like it as well. Instagram is strengthening its position and with regular updates like these, it's killing competition too. Tough times for Pinterest might start now.

    Source: Instagram
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Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Anup Singh Rajpoot, Apr 18, 2017.