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India Made BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Launched At Rs. 42.75 Lakh

By Dhananjay Harkare in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics', Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Dhananjay Harkare

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    Another luxury vehicle is now waiting for Indian customers! German car manufacturing giant BMW unveiled its 3 Series Gran Turismo recently in a BMW exclusive dealership KUN Exclusive in Chennai. The specialty of this launch is that the car is locally produced at BMW Plant Mahindra World City in Singaperumal Koil situated near Chennai. The company in a statement said that the BMW 320d Gran Turismo would be available in diesel model at a price tag of Rs.42.75 lakh.

    Along with the beautiful interior and superb high functionality, BMW 3 series Gran Turismo features elegant coupe-style roofline. Frameless side windows makes the latest vehicle look even more stylish. Unlike most other vehicles, this one creates complete autonomous aesthetics with unique harmony of form and space. The trademark of BMW-kidney grills look stunning because of the distinctive chrome frame. A bit slope in the roofline increases the interior space.

    BMW_3series3.jpg BMW_3series4.jpg BMW_3series5.jpg BMW_3series6.jpg

    The interior design is pleasant giving impression of comfort. Almost all important functions are ergonomically arranged for timely use. The rear seats accommodate up to three adults with much relaxation. Symbolizing a luxury vehicle, Gran Turismo offers a wide legroom and much width. The cargo function increases the 520-litres boot space by up to 33-litres which can even be increased by folding rear seats. The latest car comes with flexible and intelligent luggage compartment concept which is sufficient for every situation.

    The company website claims fuel economy to be 19.59 km/l and the car can reach 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is equipped with rear spoiler which gets automatically deployed when car travels at 110 km/h and retracts when it travels 70 km/h. Do share your views in comments below on this latest BMW machine.

    Source: Economic Times
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