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Google India Announces Internships for Engineering & Management Students. Applications Close Tonight

By Aadil Fayaz Naik in 'Internship | Training | Certifications', Dec 26, 2017.

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    California based software giant, Google, invites applications for various summer internship programs in India. If you have ever dreamt of working with Google, the opportunity is here. The program includes one software engineering internship and seventeen MBA related internships. There is, however, a catch. The last date for applying is by the end of the day, today by 11:59 pm.

    All the students who are currently pursuing their B.Tech/M.Tech in full-time and are expected to finish their degrees in 2019 can apply for the lone Software engineering internship position. On the business side, the full-time MBA students who are expected to complete their degrees in 2019 can apply for a maximum of 3 out of 17 internship positions available. All internship locations will be in India.

    The Google internship program will last for 8-12 weeks starting from April and ending somewhere in July next year (2018). Starting one or two weeks will be spent on the introductory phase of the program in which the interns will understand the ecosystem surrounding the program. This will be followed by another one or two weeks of identifying the problems. The rest of four to six weeks will be spent on finding and implementing the solutions to the earlier found problems in the ecosystem.

    Google is accepting applications on InternShala (Link at the bottom). This could be the golden opportunity for you that many techies only dream about. You must hurry to apply for the intern position(s) of your interest for now. If applied successfully, then get ready for the later stages of the program. We wish you all the best!

    Source|Application link: InternShala
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