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Google Fiber Upgrade May Offer 10 Gbps To US Households

By Kaustubh Katdare in 'The Café - General Discussions On Everything', Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


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    Google Fiber, Google's ISP arm, is planning to upgrade the network to allow for 10 Gbps Internet connections to US households. The company, well known in the tech domain for their ridiculous obsession for speeds in all of their offerings, currently offers 1 Gbps network in Kansas City, Provo and is soon planning to launch it in Austin, TX. USA Today reports that Google engineers are already busy working on new technology that will allow them to up the speeds by almost 10x. Google's CFO, Patrick Pichette informed that the company may soon start offering 10 Gbps speeds and called it 'the next generation of the Internet'.

    Pichette said that the world is upgrading to higher Internet speeds and people may move over to 10 Gbps networks over the next decade. Google's trying to make it all happen in the next 3 years. 1 Gbps might be just too fast for the rest of the world, but US isn't #1 in the list of countries with the fastest average Internet connection speeds. Akamai had reported that the average Internet speed in the United States is about 8.6 Mbps. That puts the US at #9 in the global list of countries with the fastest Internet connections; with South Korea topping the list at 14.2 Mbps.


    It's not clear how soon Google will be able to offer upgrade. It's likely that Google will offer the upgrade over the existing infrastructure and only the devices at the end of fiber lines may require an upgrade. No comment was made on the pricing because the plan is still being worked out. We'd hope Google might want to expand their reach in the US first than upgrade the speeds.

    In the mean time, the engineers are already getting ready the 100 Gbps wireless networks. South Korea has announced that they'll launch 5G network by 2017 with Samsung demonstrating that 1 Gbps download speed is possible over wireless for commercial deployment.

    India to has seen its own 1Gbps link at the Startup Village in Kerala. In addition, Radius Infratel has announced their plans to offer 1Gbps network in all major cities in India in the coming months.

    We look forward to all your thoughts on Google Fiber and High Speed Internet.

    Via: USA Today
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