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Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band Arrives In India With Rs. 9,990 Price Tag

By Ankita Katdare in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps', Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Ankita Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    Garmin, the global manufacturer of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers has launched its own fitness band in India with Garmin VivoFit. Say hello to the new wearable gadget in India that acts as your personal health tracker. The VivoFit band monitors every step and every pulse of the wearer as well as every calorie consumed throughout the day. After recording the user's daily activities, the band suggests daily personal goals for the user such as the appropriate or advised calorie intake that should accompany the exercise module.

    The Garmin VivoFit fitness band users can also get the precise count of the number of steps taken during an evening stroll, so that it can be compared with the exact number of calories burned. This smart band also assigns attainable goals for the wearer based on the user's current activity level. When an user accomplishes his or her goals, VivoFit band immediately adjusts the goals for the following day, so that the user gets to push his or her limits every single day. Similar to other smart fitness bands, VivoFit offers Garmin Connect technology that lets the users earn virtual badges for their accomplishments as they view their daily progress.

    garmin-vivofit-fitness-band.jpeg garmin-vivofit-india.jpeg

    A great news for working professionals who stare at computer screens all day, is the VivoFit feature that indicates a red move bar every time you need to take a short walk break. This is especially useful for IT engineers who sit at the same place for a prolonged period of time and don't move at all, which puts their health at risk because of the body's reduced capability of producing fat-burning enzymes.


    Among the additional set of features that stand out with VivoFit, there's water resistance - which means you can wear the band while swimming or taking the shower. The inbuilt heart rate monitor can collect data for any fitness activity from a dance session to a cardio workout at the gym.

    Using Garmin’s patented ANT+ technology, the VivoFit band syncs up with your PC or laptop, whereas Bluetooth sync can be used to connect the device with your smartphone. The Vivofit band stores up to three weeks of daily activity data on the device itself between two syncs. Apart from all this, another great part of the gadget is that it runs without a charge for more than a year. Much like your normal wristwatch, when the VivoFit finally needs recharging, users just have to unscrew it and replace the coin cells in it and they are good to go.

    Garmin has tied up with Flipkart, the popular e-commerce website in India for selling the VivoFit fitness band in India. Right now, the VivoFit band is available in five colors options - violet, blue, green, grey and black and is retailing at a price of Rs. 9,990 on Flipkart with an offer that states the first 500 customers get all Band Accessories for free. It's interesting to note here, that the Garmin VivoFit band is available at a price of $129.99 in the U.S.

    What are your thoughts on the new fitness gear in India? Share your views with us in comments below.

    Source: Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band
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    #1 Ankita Katdare, Aug 8, 2014
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Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Ankita Katdare, Aug 8, 2014.

    1. Divyaprakash

      Divyaprakash Maniac

      Engineering Discipline:
      Most probably this will be a luxury lifestyle product at first. Remember that not long ago going to gym and medical terms like BP, cholesterol, heart attack, health checkup etc are associated to upper class society. But later on more and more Indians became health conscious and got themselves interested into the fitness and health area.

      Maybe gadgets like these will be part of yearly shopping list pretty soon.
    2. Vipin Thomas

      Vipin Thomas Enthusiast

      Engineering Discipline:
      Electronics & Communications
      This is nice.. Lot of good features.. Can it survive the onslaught of Moto 360, Samsung Gear Fit and Apple smart watches.. is to be seen. This is ok with pricing, not aggressive..
    3. Rajni Jain

      Rajni Jain Star

      Engineering Discipline:
      Computer Science
      We have many pedometer's app available in market like NOOM walk, Walkmate... why someone will spend 10000 bucks for pedometer watch. The additional feature given by watch is heart rate monitor but it has a variation of 10% which is a lot.

      So, personally I did not like the device with a price range of 10000/-