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Facebook May Acquire Titan Aerospace For Internet-Beaming Drones

By Ambarish Ganesh in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics', Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Ambarish Ganesh

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    Google reportedly blew netizens' mind away with its Project Loon, and Facebook is following up close in its pursuit of becoming the 'dial-tone of the Internet'. As per Mark Zuckerberg's long term plan for his social network, that involves bringing free internet to the world, the company is now in acquisition talks with the Titan Aerospace - one of the leading drone manufacturers.

    titan facebbok.jpg
    TechCrunch reported that Facebook being one of the key players in the internet.org initiative, shall employ Titan Aerospace made drones (namely Solara 50 and Solara 60 drone models) to extend internet to sections of world that have little or no internet at all. The report values the deal at $60 million, and even adds that the company shall develop 11,000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the social networking giant.

    The UAVs developed by Titan Aerospace can fly for five straight years without landing or refueling. This shall be extremely crucial for projects shouldered by Internet.org in the coming future. If Facebook indeed materializes this deal, and if the project kicks off, this shall be a huge win - specially for the developing countries. The report added that Facebook is also somehow revamping its recently acquired WhatsApp so that people may share messages in these parts of the world.

    Attesting this long-term vision is Facebook's acquisition of Onavo, a data compressing firm that shall develop technologies wherein Internet shall be accessible to all even with the slowest of speeds.

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Discussion in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics' started by Ambarish Ganesh, Mar 4, 2014.