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Experience Blood Moon in the Longest Lunar Eclipse of the century on July 27

Get prepared to experience the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

A total lunar eclipse which also happens to have the longest duration in the 21st century will occur on July 27. The eclipse will be visible from all parts of India. The moon will bear a reddish tinge during the eclipse, giving it the name Blood Moon. Interestingly, this is the second total lunar eclipse of 2018.

The total lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by partial eclipses. The total lunar eclipse will last for one hour and forty-three minutes while the partial eclipses will extend beyond an hour. The partial eclipse will begin at 11:54 PM IST and the total eclipse will start at 1 AM on July 28. At 1:52 AM, the moon will be the darkest.

The total eclipse would continue until 2:43 AM and the partial eclipse will continue till 3:49 AM in the morning. During a total lunar eclipse, the moon can appear in colors such as blood red, bright orange and very rarely, in shades of gray depending on the shadow of Earth falling on it.

On July 27, Moon will pass through the central part of the Earth's shadow. The eclipse would be visible in India, parts of South America, a large portion of Africa, West Asia, and Central Asia. This will be a very special occasion for Indian celestial enthusiasts to experience this once in a lifetime event. As a matter of fact, a total lunar eclipse occurs only at a full moon.

Source: gulfnews

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