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BMW HP4 Superbike Gets ABS Pro To Provide Safety On Curves

By Kaustubh Katdare in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics', Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    BMW HP4 now gets upgraded braking system with ABS Pro - to ensure the safety of the riders even on the sharp curves. Releasing the new system in Munich, Germany, BMW said that the new system is refinement of the Race ABS that's provided a significant improvement in the active braking safety to the BMW super-sports bikes. The ABS Pro will be offered as a retrofittable option and made available across BMW dealerships later this year. However, at the time of launch, it's exclusively available for the top-line BMW motorcycle - the HP4 (upgraded BMW S1000RR).

    BMW's press release indicates that the new system has been developed keeping in mind the safety on the public roads, where unexpected events can happen. The ABS Pro system can take care of regular braking when the bike's traveling in a straight line and even works on curves. The system's quick enough to act even when brakes are applied suddenly.


    In technical terms, the ABS Pro learns about the bike's banking angle depending on the current situation of the road. It maps the signals for roll rate, yaw rate along with transverse acceleration data provided by a cluster of sensors employed by DTC (aka Dynamic Traction Control) and DDC (aka Dynamic Damping Control). The more the banking angle, the brake pressure gradient gets limited towards the start of the brake manoeuvre, ensuring that the overall pressure building-up is slower than usual. The overall advantage of the system is that the rider enjoys sensitive response and and a high level of brake. The rider feels more stability when the bike's moving on the curve.

    The overall influence of the ABS Pro system will be decided by the mode (Rain, Sport, Race, Slick). The system will be available for BMW HP4 around end of October 2014 for € 380.00 in Germany.

    More Information: BMW Motorrad
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