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As Expected, Google Hangouts Will Shut Down In The Next Few Months

Rumors are pointing out at possible shutdown of Google Hangouts messaging app. If you are one of its few remaining users, it's time to move on. Go

If the rumours are to be believed, Google Hangouts is heading to a shut-down in the next few months. While Google has not officially confirmed the news; sources closer to the product lineup at Google seem to have leaked the information.

Shut down of Google Hangouts isn't surprising at all. Google's messaging lineup apparently did not have a clear focus. Hangouts was initially touted as replacement of GChat back in 2013 but the app never took off.

Google then tried to launch two more apps - 'ALLO' and 'DUO'. While ALLO focused on voice messaging, DUO tried its hand at replacing Skype's video calling supremacy. However, both the apps could not gather the required traction.

As of now, mobile messaging is completely dominated by the likes of WhatsApp and WeChat among other similar mobile messaging applications. 

The rumor points out at a possible date in late 2019 for the shutdown. Until then, we hope Google finds a worthy AI-enabled competitor to big boys in the market. 

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