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Ambrane unveils a new Smartwatch ASW-11 in India with fitness tracking for INR 1,999

By Rucha Wankhede in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps', Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Rucha Wankhede

    Engineering Discipline:
    Ambrane, better known as producer of portable power banks and mobile embellishments, has recently unveiled its new smartwatch ASW-11 at a price tag of Rs 1,999 in India. The smartwatch is equipped with all the ’smart’ features as- accepting or rejecting the calls on one’s smartphone, snoozing an alarm, setting reminders and managing the to-do lists.

    ASW 11 effectively helps monitor one’s sleeping patterns, tracking the sleep quality, sleep degree and awake hours. Thus this smart device can prove to be nothing short of a boon given the increasingly stressful and hectic work days of our times. The inbuilt fitness tracker and Pedometer enables users to track their daily activities, even reminding them to hydrate periodically. The Pedometer records the number of steps one has walked, displaying them on screen. It also enables one to play music from wrist, without taking out phone from one’s pocket.

    Further Ambrane ASW-11 features a high-resolution LCD display and one touch Bluetooth connectivity. Its battery is slated to run for days on a single charge, if the company claims are to be believed. It works as a standalone digital watch when not connected to a smartphone. Ambrane had earlier launched Fitband Flexi Fit AFB-11 for wearable market. It now hopes to cater for the smarter needs of today’s generation with its latest launch, all within an affordable price bracket. The smartwatch would retail via e-commerce retail store Flipkart.

    Source: Ambrane
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Discussion in 'Gadgets | Software | Apps' started by Rucha Wankhede, Sep 12, 2017.