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Trophies Awarded to Satya Swaroop Dash

  1. 500
    Awarded: Mar 28, 2016


    You are a gift to engineering community. A true CEan who will guide other engineers around the world.

  2. 300
    Awarded: Dec 5, 2014


    You've achieved knighthood on CrazyEngineers. We salute you!

  3. 100
    Awarded: Jan 21, 2014


    You are a star! Not everyone enjoys this status here. You're special, boss!

  4. 50
    Awarded: Oct 12, 2013


    ACE! You're an asset to CrazyEngineers!

  5. 30
    Awarded: Aug 15, 2013


    You're a CE Maniac. That's a wonderful thing that can happen to any CEan. Enjoy your maniac status.

  6. 10
    Awarded: Jul 1, 2013


    Addicted to CE? We knew it! Congrats!

  7. 5
    Awarded: Jun 5, 2013


    You are a CE Enthusiast! Earn 25 positive ratings on 50+ posts to become 'Addict'.

  8. 3
    Awarded: May 30, 2013


    Congrats! You are a CE Rookie! Keep up the good work!

  9. 1
    Awarded: Apr 17, 2013


    Great! Keep posting! Try to get positive ratings to your posts to get the next trophy.

  10. 1
    Awarded: Apr 17, 2013


    You're now a newbie! 5 more posts for the next trophy!