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Kaustubh Katdare
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Mar 24, 2018 at 10:37 AM
Nov 26, 2005
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Nov 26, 1981 (Age: 36)
Home Page:
Terra Firma
Founder & CEO

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Kaustubh Katdare

Baron, Male, 36, from Terra Firma


Yet another step closer to the new, big, awesome, CE 3.0! #DreamComingTrue Feb 15, 2018

Kaustubh Katdare was last seen:
Viewing latest content, Mar 24, 2018 at 10:37 AM
    1. durga
      oh! well then.
      So this set is the final one in that case. i will exclude th RTOS question and send the questionnaire to Gerard then.
      what say?
    2. durga
      I have already sent it to you and Mayur
      only one question abbout RTOS which i felt would not be covered in other questions
    3. durga

      I will proceed with the Questinaire what you have modiifed. mayur as well is happy with it except that i have added one more question
    4. karthik.nama
      hiiiiiiiiii actually i have not under stand the msg .i am new to this.i have search the net but no use.i want regarding low frequency to high frequency ac-ac inverter
    5. Harshad Italiya
      Harshad Italiya
      What you think about spreading words about CE via group sms site? I am trying my best.
    6. shalini_goel14
      Who is working on Documentation project ?If you people have no issues can I start making videos for it and documents can be made later. Anyways, videos will be more helpful to newbies than documents.
    7. Saandeep Sreerambatla
      Saandeep Sreerambatla
      hey thankyou , dont be sorry biggie you would be involved in many tasks for CE right , no problem thanks again
    8. Saandeep Sreerambatla
      Saandeep Sreerambatla
      hi biggie you have said i would be getting some ID name@crazyengineers.com , i dont have any update , could you please update me when it is going to start . thanks in advance
    9. integratdbrains
      Ya I have decided this time that I am going to spend atleast 15 mins daily on CE. Its gonna be difficult but I want to try !
    10. integratdbrains
      Hey cool... I didnot know this great innovation has happened on CE !! Its great!
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  • About

    Nov 26, 1981 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Terra Firma
    Founder & CEO
    Real Name:
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Engineering Discipline:
    Name: Kaustubh

    Nickname: The Big K

    Occupation: Hard(ly) working Software Engineer turned into a startup owner.

    Education: My degree mentions that I’m a qualified Electrical Engineer.

    Founder: www.CrazyEngineers.com & The Big K’s Superblog™.

    Cell Phones Used: Motorazr V3 (Silver)[Favorite] & Samsung SGH – E 840 [Not So Favorite]

    Cell Phone Currently Using: Samsung Wave S8500 Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    The Big K Can: Drive car, ride a motorcycle, type at 70 wpm, jump off 6 feet wall, play guitar, sing songs, do mimicry, go on long walks, get angry, skate, crack good jokes, install software, write computer programs and test them, forgive stupid people, take multiple responsibilities, hold breath for 40 seconds, dance, give good advise, do good job etc.

    The Big K Cannot: Walk on the water, tolerate non sense, like snakes, send SMS to reality show contestants, watch TV for more than 1 hour, do nothing for more than 30 minutes, play chess & carrom, remain away from internet, be dull & silent for hours, watch a cricket match etc.

    Smoking: No , Alcohol: No, Drugs: No, Caffeine: Yes.

    Likes: India, you, Yamaha RX-Z (Red, 14 Bhp, 5-Gear), gb&a electric guitar, Hobner acoustic guitar, badminton, table-tennis, roller-skating, traveling, night driving, photography, performing on stage in front of audience, Nike shoes, Dilbert comics etc.

    Dislikes: Poverty, friends who are not in touch, company appraisals, people who leave India and think they’re wise, people without a purpose in life, non-veg food.

    Purpose of existence:

    To make the place a better place to live and in the process…

    • Buy a 10 seater private jet
    • Buy Ducati R999
    • Buy Mercedes-McLaren SLR 500
    • Start & grow a dozen companies
    • Write 3 books
    • Become popular as a singer & guitarist
    • Lead MEGA projects
    • Spread Common Sense & Smile all over the world.
    For further details, feel free to contact*-
    admin (at) crazyengineers (dot) com

    The Big K's Spoken At TEDx Conferences -

    @ TEDx SITM

    @ TEDx Sona College, Salem

    @ TEDx Nagpur

    If you wish to invite me to speak at your college, use the 'Contact Us' form below or drop mail to admin [at] crazyengineers [dot] com.



    Founder & CEO :mrgreen: | VoiCE :coffee: | Small Talk :cool: | Download & Rate My Resources :cautious: | SuperBlog :eek:
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