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Know Your CEan - Er. Vijaya Durga

Know Your CEan Vijaya Durga
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

Durga joined us on 5th October 2008, rose rapidly through the ranks and became part of the pioneering CE-Ambassador team. She has taken a lot of initiatives on CE including threads dedicated to teaching english. We caught up with Durga while she was watching a cricket match between Australia and South Africa earlier this year. She was lazying around on an easy chair but got all excited when we said the magic word.... "KYCEan".
CE: Hi Durga. What's up?
Durga: Hey hi  . Nothing ..watching AUS vs SA

CE: Are you a cricket buff? Which team are you supporting?
Durga: I generally support INDIA and next any team which plays against AUS. I would love to see AUS loosing to SA with 3-0, they have not been white washed since past 100+ yrs.

CE: What other sports do you follow?
Durga: I play badminton and swimming, sorry I don't play. I swim.

CE: Any plans of crossing the English Channel or the gulf strait to set a world record?
Durga: Hahaha...no, I learnt it very recently. Still an amateur at it.

CE: You love reading astronomical books. What interests you in them?
Durga: I like to know about it. Tried making a telescope with my elder sister's drawing sheets holder, but could not!
It interests me.

CE: Tell us something about your job?
Durga: My job....I am basically a system analyst. Singtel is our developing company and Optus is my parent company which will be using Singtel,s application..I need to maintain these applications and trouble shoot them.
I love my job , it's amusing.. new issue every day.

CE: Your dreams include a house running on blue tooth and a greener world. Could you elaborate?
Durga: I have a centralised computer which I can operate on, since a blue tooth master can opearte upto 8 slaves. I can create a apico net for my home where my computer acts as a master with all other electric appliances acting as slaves. I can regulate light fan, switch on tv, switch on speakers etc.
I dont know what I am talking makes sense. Like a blue tooth mouse, I don't need wires to connect, everything is wireless. But one disadvantage, people will become obese

CE: So your dreams of a greener world will be hampered by you dreams of a Blue tooth enabled house. Greener means healthy world and obese people are not healthy.
Durga: Greener for me is balance in ecosystem. More plants, more animals and good humans...  I have many things to do. I want to establish a parallel organization like blue cross, I want to create awareness about having plants, I have to campaign against leather and fur.
But i don't know where and how to start. Also, I hate people who waste water.

CE: You are a strong believer in Hard work.
Durga: Yes, I am.

CE: And you are a very 'Hard Working' sudoku and kakuro champion.
Durga: No, I am not a champion. I like playing them.

CE: I heard you waste quite a lot of time in front of TV..... 
Durga: Hehe...I do..I have this bad habit of switching the TV on when I do something. I need to curb it.

CE: Any favorite channel or shows?
Durga: I watch news and online streaming of 'Roadies' and 'Oye! It's friday'!!, and all movies.

CE: Don't you watch Animal Planet? After all you are an Animal Lover.
Durga: Animal Planet, Discovery and NatGeo are all paid channels, so I don't get them. I miss cartoon network as well. Not much fan of violent movies and psycho stuff. Remaining all I can digest.

CE: What is your state of mind right now?
Durga: Happy.

CE: Name 5 CEans in 5 seconds
spelling mistake

CE: Thats six... 
Durga: No! its 5

CE: Just kidding. What do you like about CE?
Durga: Collective interests of all members. I mean everyone has something to offer and take back from CE.

CE: Any thing you dislike or feel there is something missing on CE?
Durga: hmm.. I wanted to ask Biggie if a new section 'how stuff works' could be included. That's important for engineers. Everyone can pop up one device or appliance and explain how it works.

CE: I should have asked this in the beginning but is it Durga or Ambassador Durga.
Durga: Durga

CE: Ambassador sounds quite imposing and regal, doesn't it?
Durga: May be.. but I am OK with my name.. please make it Ms Durga, I remember when Ceans took me to be a guy.

CE: How are you coping with your new powers as Ambassador?
Durga: Powers? I need to work more. I find myself not contributing much, so I need to improve upon it

CE: Are you being modest?
Durga: Seriously, I neither see myself greeting newbies nor encouraging them. Ambassadors are for that, I need to build up.

CE: Any New Year resolution you made recently.
Durga: No....

CE: Describe yourself in 1 line.
Durga: All time confused.

CE: Suppose, I grant you 3 wishes.

Durga: 1 Save earth
2 Bring people out of this recession
3 Three more wishes

CE: Which animal is most like you and why?
Durga: I love dogs, no reason.

CE: Same question for a cartoon character?
Durga: Dexter, again no reasons.

CE: Name the CEans that you would like to meet?
Durga: Biggie, Mayur, Shalini.

CE: Do you love traveling?
Durga: Yup...in India it was limited to Bangalore. Here i have been to Melbourne and few other beaches..

CE: Thanks for giving us your time, I think I will wrap it up here.

Durga: Thank you as well!

Waiting for you to make a comeback!