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Know Your CEan - Er. Saandeep Sreerambatla

Know Your CEan Saandeep Sreerambatla
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

CE: Sandeep, you are an automation tester by work How is it like being a Software professional tester? What kind of testing you do?

Saandeep: I do Automation testing using few tools. I do Functional testing, Performance testing and Stress testing.

CE: When one says testing, people have a different notion that it’s something lesser potion of challenge to development. So do you agree? How do you describe your work?

Saandeep: I agree with people.Since I had just shifted my company ,I will mostly tell about my previous one.My work is generally invovles finding faults and it’s easy as far as automation is concerned , it’s really fun .We code it once and it runs many number of times...

CE: Human nature of finding faults eh?

Saandeep: Yes typical human nature.If we are given a white paper with a dot in middle ,everyone will concentrate on that black dot,but not on whole the white paper. About automation? I can give a lecture if you want that both the companies where I have worked , I have been giving series of seminars on automation, tool specific session etc .

CE: So you do scripting while automation, right? So tell us more about scritping.

Saandeep: Yes. I script cases in VB script. In automation testing we script the scenarios which are mostly re-tested many number of times such that manual effort will not be wasted on that

CE: Oh! I have a question for you here. Manual testing has intelligent decisions which the humans analyze when they find a defect, how does automation testing do this?

Saandeep: Yes. That’s correct. Through automation testing we cannot completely guarantee 100 percent of effective testing.But with intelligent scripting we can over-come this back draw to a very large extent. Since it's a tool it does what we instruct. We need to go in a quite logical way that our script covers all the scenarios..

CE: So work apart, what else you do?

Saandeep: Aha! Firstly thanks. I have a principle not discuss work when am away from office, I have lot more things to do apart from work - I read novels. I sing songs, write few songs, few of them are in movies and my own created stuff and I play guitar some times as well... I like talking with friends daily

CE: Cool! CEans are creative people. I think no one CEan is limited to one thing. Being some one who places himself in past and analyze how would the outcome be , do you believe in thinking and acting or acting and then thinking about actions?

Saandeep: Sometimes , for important issues I will think plan and act and for few others things-I will act and if it fails I think why it failed...I will laugh at my face in the mirror and will forget that

CE: Do you believe in role models?

Saandeep: Sometimes. I like the words they say,whoever says it no issues,if I like the statement I will try to implement it in my life .Will tell u one example-Recently my previous employer CEO came to visit India.He was asked a question-how do u stay always enthusiastic? He answered "Life is too short to do the things which you are not proud of" I read it many times and I quit alcohol. CEan CrazyBoy's signature is also one more example.

CE: So Where does ES himself see himself after 3 yrs?

Saandeep: Here it self in CE completing 3 years. I don’t plan my life that long but if everything goes well I want to Complete my MBA and start a company of my own, I want to give employment for few other people . I have not yet decided what type of company that would be but that's my dream...

CE: OK! I have something for you ! A rapid fire session which is a norm in CE. You need to answer truth or dare questions within 10secs

CE: Learning new stuff or brushing up old ones?

Saandeep : I learn new stuff only once...I will remember forever... but I will learn only fewer topics

CE: Salt or sugar?

Saandeep: Sugar

CE: 1 buck on road in pocket or in charity box?

Saandeep: ok..from childhood my mother says if you get money on road give it to God. So to God.

CE: If that 1 buck was 10 million then?

Saandeep: Then again, if i get on road to god..

CE: Anything you would want to change in CE?

Sandeep: hmm..if we have a separate template for asking questions in different fields it would be great.

CE: Four wishes you would wish in life?

Saandeep: Give me the power to make corruption free India..want to see my photo on the cover page of a business magazine..that's at only 2.

CE: Only 2?

Saandeep: yes...

CE: What would you want to convey to fellow CEans?

Saandeep: Smile always...and make others smile

CE: Thanks ES for having such a pleasant session of KYCean for CE

Saandeep: That’s my pleasure ..