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Know Your CEan - Er. Ramani Aswath

Know Your CEan Ramani Aswath
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

We are back with one more Awesome Interview of our respected CEans, He is CEan - Bioramani Sir. He Graduated from the last batch B.Sc.(Hons.) Chem. Tech., Andhra UniVarsity, 1960. Since then he is in teaching/research in Multidisciplinary areas of Engineering. And Since 1981 in Biomedical Technology. He is passionate about Astronomy, Bonsai, Classical Music, Environment, Gardening, Photography, Reading, Teaching, Yoga. And one more thing is he is the man who suggested our CEans to participate in the "Create the future contest". This KYCEan is the joint effort of some CEans ? so we are also thankful to them also for helping us in preparing the questions ,

We are Proud to have him on our CE and We are glad to have his words here.

CE: Hi Sir, you are a Crazy BioMedical engineer. Tell us more about yourself

A. V. Ramani: I graduated as a Chemical Engineer with specialization in Electro Chemical Technology. All of which is useful in Biomedical Engineering. However, that is not the only area I work in. 

CE: How did you get introduced to CrazyEngineers (CE)? What was your first impression?

A. V. Ramani: I was searching some thing on robotics and noticed an entry from CE. The name intrigued me and I visited the site. First impression: ‘Am I crazy enough to register here?’

CE: Why did you take up this particular engineering trade? What do you like the most about it?
A. V. Ramani: I did not. I was invited to join.

CE: What were the most memorable moments from your college days?

A. V. Ramani: Some good some not. In the chemistry lab the flask of boiling concentrated sulphuric acid I was working on exploded. Fortunately I had turned my head and did not become blind. I carry the scars still from 1957. 

The new swimming pool of the university was waiting inordinately for the state governor to inaugurate. A few of us instigated by me climbed the wall and I (a non swimmer) took the first dive in the deep end. I was pulled out and resuscitated before I drowned. 

A cheetah from the surrounding forest once strayed into the campus. I was watching a game of cricket. My room mate (a University player) hit a six and the ball fell into a deep storm water drain into which I clambered to retrieve the ball, picked it and looked up into the eyes of the cheetah a few yards down the drain. Both took off at top speed in opposite directions.

No self respecting male will be called Ramani in Andhra. (My mother wanted a daughter and gave me a unisex name) My degree certificate was issued to Miss Ramani. I had major trouble getting it changed.

CE: You are B.Sc (Hons) Chemical Technology and have a total of 40 years of experience in teaching, guiding academic research, technology development, plant design and project and research management. There is no better person to ask this question. What message do you have for the budding and future engineers?

A. V. Ramani: I do not advise and am certainly no messiah. Life will be miserable if one does not enjoy work. Have hands on fun in all things is my philosophy.

CE: A lot of CEans would be interested in developing projects under your guidance. What projects will you be interested in if CEans get such an opportunity?

A. V. Ramani: You give me too much credit. I can take part in any multidisciplinary activity. I am sure many of you are watching the Design the Future contest where CEans are taking part. Any such activity will be of interest. I am always willing to help in any student activity that is within my ambit.

CE:What is your favorite pass time?

A. V. Ramani: Gardening, listening to classical music, reading.

CE:Who have been your role models, mentors, or other inspiration for you, both in your personal life and public figures?

A. V. Ramani: Thomas Alwa Edison 

CE:What is the biggest achievement in your life so far?

A. V. Ramani: Avoiding ambition.

CE:What are you working on at this moment?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Some advanced cardio vascular devices.

CE: Do you think that engineering in India covers the creative aspect of an individual?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :I am afraid not.

CE:You have been practising hata yoga since you are 10. What are the benefits of hata-yoga?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :General well being. One has to remember that this was developed by yogis, who had atrocious eating (fasting?) habits and did not want their bodies to interfere with their main goal of spiritual practice. If this kept them going it should certainly help us.

CE:Can you give a few suggestions to make CE a better place for Engineers?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Leave well alone would be my suggestion. It will evolve on its own.

Rapid fires : 

1. Who are the best CEans according to you?

A. V. Ramani: :Each is unique.

2. Name the three CEans you would like to meet in person?

A. V. Ramani: Why only three? I have talked with GF, Ishu and Praveena

3. If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for? 

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Happiness, Peace, Contentment.

4. If you were not an engineer, you would be?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Physics was my first choice

5. Your biggest blooper till date is? 

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Ending up s a chief guest in a Women Entrepreneurs Meet because of my name and getting a blouse piece as a memento.

6. What are the most three essential things required for a person to be successful in his life?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Interest in work, integrity and not caring about success.

7. Tell us one thing that you always wanted to do but you haven't been able to do till now?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :I wanted to be a test pilot.

8. You love reading science fiction and philosophy. What interests you in them?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Sci Fi fires the imagination. Philosophy is the never ending search for:’Who am I?

9. A moment you can never forget.

A. V. Ramani: I asked my colleague in 1969,’Will you be my fair lady?’ and she laughed non stop. The 42nd wedding anniversary comes up in November. So I have the last laugh.

10. If you were a politician, what will your 5 year plan look like?

A. V. Ramani: Bioaramani :Sustainable, environment friendly technologies for ordinary living for all.

11. What is your favorite section in CE?

A. V. Ramani: The Fora.

12. Imagine this- you are given 24 hours and a choice to choose any role, any profession and any resources (including money) in the world. What will you do with it and why?

A. V. Ramani: I pass. I am content as I am.

13. Photography is one of your hobbies. Can you please share some of your best pictures?

A. V. Ramani:  Mine were the days of B/W film cameras. I used to develop, print and enlarge my own. None are in digital format.

14. If you were given a chance to be a one day admin of CE.... 

A. V. Ramani:  I will gladly leave it to Big K.

15. Tell us any 3 things that annoy you the most?

A. V. Ramani:  Long winded explanations for trivial things, refusing to face facts and fudging data.

16. Define yourself in one word.

A. V. Ramani:  Ordinary

17. What do you like the most in yourself?

A. V. Ramani:  Lack of ambition.

18. What if you got 1 Crore in the lottery...

A. V. Ramani:  Lottery, where one gains without giving anything in return, is anathema to me. However, to answer: I will gift it to my grand daughter to get into a good school.

19. What changes you found in yourself before and after joining CE?

A. V. Ramani:  Nothing really.

20. If you were given a chance to take a role in CE, what would you like to be and what would you do for CE?

A. V. Ramani: Advisory. You can then be an idiot and look wise.

This is an old interview republished on CrazyEngineers! ?