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Know Your CEan - Er. Priyanka Pengonda

Know Your CEan Priyanka Pengonda
CrazyEngineers Staff
CrazyEngineers Staff
Team KYCEan

Hola CEans! I'm here to present an awesome KYCEan of a technophile who wanna be a VoiCEan. She is a crazy computer science engineer from Mumbai who contributed 1000 valuable posts to CE within a short period of time.She loves cooking,dancing, programming and learning new things. Yes,she is Dancer_Engineer aka Priyanka Pengonda. We interviewed to know more about her. Check it out.

CE : Imagine you have been given a chance to be as one day prime minister of India, What would you like to do?

Priyanka: What all can I do in ‘one’ day? Eradicate the practice of Female Infanticide. Urge Indians to install automatic water taps in their homes. I feel this will drastically prevent water overflow. Spread awareness among people to make wise use of their resources, especially the basic needs. Put in your plate just as much as you can eat and as much as you are hungry. Encourage the common man to ‘help the needy’ in person rather than in terms of money or donation or empathy. Make way for the fast-tracking of the hearing of cases that are pending for years. Hope I have done justice to my role.

CE : What would you consider as your biggest achievement in your life?
Priyanka: No achievement is too big, no achievement is too small. My first achievement, infact every person’s first achievement is the first baby step we take after having failed at so many attempts to stand up. My latest achievement was on 1st May this year. Terence Lewis and students of the TL Academy, we all set a Guinness World Record for largest Indo-Contemporary dance. The recordings of the attempts and eye-witness reports have been sent to the GWR organization for verification. Here is a video of the event:

CE : What's your ambition? How are you preparing yourself to achieve it?
Priyanka: Spread smiles, do good work in the IT Industry and continue my dancing. I aim to strike a perfect balance between my work and my dance. I want to take my Parents on a trip around the World, build a beautiful home for my Family and I’m done. Failure has prepared me in many ways. I’m keeping myself updated with the industrial competitiveness and technological advancement in the IT field. Exploring languages, more of Java in depth.

CE : If you were given a chance to work with one of the Entrepreneurs - Jack Dorsey(Twitter), Bill Gates, Mark zuckerberg(Facebook), Kevin Systrom(Instagram) and Mike Krieger, Kaustubh Kadtare, Tim cook(Apple). Whom would you choose? And Why?
Priyanka:  Jack Dorsey. He developed the ‘SMS of the Internet’ with a web-based 140-characters communication service with simplicity and authenticity, creating a platform for people from all walks of life to communicate with each other so easily. I would love to work with him and know what it takes to put a simple idea into action.

CE : When you die, will you leave a legacy? 
Priyanka:  Yes, I will. If I succeed in making a difference in the life of the people I come across in my Life, then that will be termed as my legacy.

CE : You were offered a job in a Big Company with huge pay in your home town. Also you got another offer from a startup company with less pay from other state mentioning the domain and technology.You would love to work in that domain.Now you got only 30 mins to take a decision of your Career (Life). No Mobile and No Internet to connect anyone.What would you do?Be honest while answering this question.

Priyanka: What will I do now? I’ll analyze both the offers.
First offer: Big company, huge pay, in my home town, no details about the project.
Second offer: Startup company, less pay, out of state,details about the domain and technology which happen to be my area of interest.
I’ll go with the 2nd offer as it gives me the assurance that I’ll be allotted to a project which will help me to enhance my skills in the domain of my interest. A good project will give me the required exposure and responsibility to use my skills to the best of my ability.

CE : Did you ever happen to go through a phase of despair during your college days?
Priyanka:  Yes! It was the time when I had year down during my Engineering.

CE : One incident that had a deep impact on you?
Priyanka: Deep impact! I guess there has not been any such incident. I pick up from every experience I go through.

CE : What is your success mantra?
Priyanka:  I have always been a last minute worker. I start my work at the 11th hour. Panic strikes! So I set small goals for myself. I tend to go off-track, so I keep monitoring my progress. Always remember the lessons that you learn from failure. They make you stronger. I follow the four rules that my big brother told me: Plan, Contingencies, Execution and Monitor. I have explained it here.

CE : Who have been your role model, mentor or an inspiration in your life?
Priyanka:  My Parents.

CE : What were the challenges you faced in your life?
Priyanka:  The biggest challenge was to find out my strengths and weaknesses. I would always feel I can do anything and I can do better than others. Yes, attitude! :-D But easier said than done. So, I keep exploring my strengths and weaknesses and continue finding myself.

CE : What do you think stops people from taking action and pursue their dreams?
Priyanka:  Most of the times people worry whether their dream will come true or not. Setting unrealistic goals, not believing in oneself hampers one’s success. Come on! Just plunge in and find out for yourself. If you win, be happy; if you lose, be wise.

CE : How do you spend your leisure time?
Priyanka: DE : Write letters to two of my close friends. Cook some nice food. Play with kids or just watch them.

CE : What else fascinates you apart from computers?
Priyanka:  Fascinated about Skyscrapers and Civil Engineering wonders; birds especially the Owl and the Eagle;Yoga and mountains.

CE : Do you believe in life after death?
Priyanka: Honestly, I have never given it a thought.

CE : Why do you want to become a VoiCEan and your favorite Voice author?
Priyanka:  It would be great to know Engineers and Professionals across the globe, reading articles written by me. Writing an article by myself will mean exploring things in detail which will help me widen my knowledge.Ambarish Ganesh is my favorite voice author.

CE : I remember you asked me about UPSC, Government jobs available for CS Engineer.Now Why do you want to move from Engineering to Management stream?
Priyanka:  Ahh! Luckily that phase of taking the UPSC exam and going for government jobs lasted for 2 days. Government professions never caught my interest. I was inspired to go for MBA because of my sisters. I was keener on going for MS, that didn’t work in my favor. I had casually taken the MBA entrance this year. I have scored a good percentile. If I convert the college of my choice, I aim to pursue MBA in IT or MIS and enhance my functional skills.

CE : Why Dancer_Engineer? Why not Singer_Engineer or Dancer-Doctor? ?
Priyanka: Why Dancer? Because dancing is my passion. I have danced Kathak (2 years), Bollywood style, Jazz, Contemporary. I was part of the CYG 2008 closing ceremony dance troupe, we were around 500 students performing a prop dance routine. It was great fun. I have been fortunate to meet Shaimak Sir during rehearsals for the CYG event. Why Engineer? Because I love computers, I was attracted towards computers. Secondly, a career counselling conducted in my +2 college showed I have high abilities for careers in Computational areas. So, I plunged in! I cry when I sing, and I’m not very fond of medicines. So, the other two are not applicable. ?

CE : What is that one thing you don’t like in CE and you want to change it?
Priyanka:  The thing I don’t like on CE is this statistics, ‘Online now: 879 (members: 23, guests: 856)‘. I wish to see it like this, ‘Online now: 879 (members: 856, guests: 23)‘. I urge CEans to encourage each other, actively participate in the discussions and keep the discussions going!

CE : CE influences CEans in many ways. What were the changes you found in yourself after joining CE?
Priyanka:  After joining CE, I’m now much aware of the latest Technology advancements. My technology update earlier was very little. But with the enthusiasm that all CEans and Big K update us with the latest technology news, I’m much updated these days. CE has given me a platform to interact with like-minded Engineers across the world. It feels great.

CE : Mention the names of few brains on CE who are crazy enough according to you? 
Priyanka:Biggie,Ramani Sir,Praveen,GF,Sada,Issue,AKD.